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3 Steps To Clean Your Data Center During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If the last two months are anything to go by, we have a pandemic that rages on, a world economy that barely stands, a worldwide lockdown with limited movement, and vigorous cleaning methods implemented everywhere. Workspaces are now at home, shops are shut, and the use of disinfectants out on the streets or inside our homes is at an all-time high. 

With so much happening, it’s impossible to neglect your server room/data center. Experts say that the cleaning process needs to be changed too, with more attention to detail and the need for serious thought and precautions.

Follow these steps to keep your data center clean and safe:

Sterilize all equipment

Arm yourself or your cleaning staff with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and a linen-free cloth. With enough solution on the cloth, start sanitizing equipment that would be used or touched the most – keyboards, monitors, switches (turn them off first), knobs, door handles, and keyholes. Clean the surfaces thoroughly and do this at least twice a day at least or whenever you come in contact with any of these surfaces.

Remember, cleaning of equipment should be limited strictly to external surfaces. Experts have asked people to stay away from cleaners that have chlorine such as bleach and peroxides. Similarly, it’s important to avoid acetone-based cleaning products too such as benzene or ammonia.

Keep the air clean

It’s important to note that the coronavirus can be airborne, albeit for a shorter period of time. Therefore, if you sweep your server room, dust particles are bound to be in the air and make it difficult to clean. With a vacuum cleaner, you can do a far more efficient job instantly.

An air purifier may not be something commonly found in data centers. However, given the times we live in, it’s important to invest in an efficient air purification system to protect you from allergens, if not viruses and bacteria.

Filter out your cooling system

The air conditioning system is meant to keep the data center running, delivering much-needed cooling to all the electronic equipment. However, a dusty/unclean air conditioner is delivering contaminants too! In addition to being hazardous to the health of workers, contaminants can also lead to corrosion and damage to equipment.

Employ technicians to assist your cleaning staff and skillfully sanitize all the nooks and crannies of your cooling system. The important thing to remember here is, all the people coming into the data center and employed in the cleaning process must wear protective gear – including disposable rubber gloves and masks to prevent any infection from spreading.

Hardy Racks wishes you and your team all the best and enough strength to wade through these tough times! Stay safe, stay healthy!


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