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A high density cable manager could be the answer to your power needs

Densities are rising. AI workloads are packing more computing power into equipment, boosting power density requirements.

Power density, measured in kilowatts, refers to the power draw of a single, fully populated server rack or in other words the amount of electricity used by servers in a rack or cabinet.

A news report in The Data Center Frontier, mentions that 45% of companies expect an average density of 11 kW per rack or higher over the next year. That’s a huge change from six years when just 18% reported densities beyond 10kW.

One fact is evident, data center densities are just going to keep rising on account of the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence applications which require powerful hardware support.

Two reasons why there is a requirement for high-density cable management

  1. Edge computing, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and streaming services, and other technology trends require more data center resources.

  2. More organizations want to operate data centers efficiently using the least amount of space and this can be done only by increasing rack densities.

Three solutions to managing the high-density requirements at data centers

  1. Monitoring power utilization with the use of rack PDUs, floor PDUs, branch circuits, and so on, because if your equipment draws too much power, it can cause a short circuit.

  2. Tracking all interconnected devices at high-density data centers can pose a challenge unless you maintain proper network documentation, which allows you to accurately plan capacity, manage virtual and physical connections, and so on.

  3. Using a high-density cable manager. A steep rise in patch panels per rack and the introduction of angular jack panels have increased demand for high-density cable management solutions. High-density cable managers support easy, streamlined cable management, therefore reducing the chances of downtime.

At Hardy Racks, our high-density cable manager has multiple cable spools and slots in the center for efficient cable management. The polycarbonate fingers further enhance the design by preventing any possible cable damage.

If you want to know more about high-density cable managers, get in touch with Hardy Racks today.


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