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Benefits of Brush Panels

Brush panels, also known as grommets or rack-mount panels with brush strips, are data center accessories designed for retrofitting onto server racks and cabinets to seal off cable entries.

Read on to know why these small 1U/2U sized accessories are essential for your data center:

Airflow Management Brush panels, like blanking panels, promote proper airflow within the data center’s hot/cold aisle containment setup.

While blanking panels are meant to be fitted into empty slots within the server racks, brush panels are used in rack spaces through which cables are to enter the racks. Without brush panels, there would be significant leakage and mixing of hot and cold air through the gaps around cables. This, in turn, would put added strain on your cooling system to maintain the data center in optimal temperature.

Cable Management Brush panels provide neat and easy entryways for cables, cords, and wires that are connected to equipment from power sources placed outside the rack.

Connectivity issues and subsequent downtime can prove to be extremely expensive in a data center. You will, therefore, need to prioritize proper cable management and consider every cable/cord/wire as an investment. And opting for the right brush panel is the first step. You can read more tips on cable management here.

Dust Prevention Brush panels keep dust and dirt out of the racks, keeping cables and racks tidy while maintaining a contaminant-free environment.

Data center equipment are large and heavy, so cleaning them often is not an easy task. On the other hand, allowing dust and other contaminants to settle on the equipment surfaces can cause corrosion and other damage to them. With a tight brush-like arrangement of bristles surrounding the cables at all times, brush panels minimize the entry of dust into the racks and make it easier to maintain a clean space. More tips on keeping your data center clean here.

Brush Panels from Hardy Racks

The rack-mount brush panels from Hardy Racks are built with high-quality sheet metal and sturdy nylon bristles. They are designed to fit 19-inch, 1U and 2U, two- or four-post server racks, server cabinets, structured wiring closets, and network distribution cabling units.

Our brush panels can be a value-add for the high-quality server racks you purchase from us. To know more about our products and services, get in touch with us now.

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