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Best Ways To Keep Your Data Center Cool This Summer

Summer is here, promising sultry days and requiring additional effort to keep your data center systems cool and running. Here are some best, inexpensive ways to overcome the summer months without your data centers feeling the heat! 

Invest in a high-quality Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Did you know that most data centers end up spending a lot of money to compensate for the inefficient cooling system in the server room? This leads to companies investing in cooling solutions for a scenario that could have been avoided had there been a proper hot/cold aisle containment in the first place.

A hot/cold aisle containment layout ensures that the cool inlet air is separated from the hot exhaust air. Usually, such a layout requires the servers to be positioned facing each other. This way, you will have cold air in the front and all the hot air exhaust at the back minimizing any clashes.

Seal off unused spaces in your servers

With servers all positioned to receive cold air in the front, it is also important to seal off any unused spaces. This will ensure maximum airflow efficiency.

Since some servers come with raised floors, ensure that there are no openings inside the cabinets. Cable openings can actually allow air to escape, thereby lowering the quality of the cold air. In such cases, you can simply make use of an air containment brush panel to fix this and block any sort of seepage. 

Keep adjusting the thermostat

Did you know that you can prepare your server rooms to embrace the heat by increasing the temperature day by day before summer kicks in? It is reported that if you operate your data center in a high-temperature ambient (HTA) state, the data center gets “used to this” and eventually helps in keeping your cooling costs down.

In fact, even giant companies like Google employ this method by raising the temperature to 80°F, using outside air for cooling, and building custom servers to accommodate this heat.

Make use of blanking panels now more than ever

Blanking panels make your server racks look more sorted and organized, but their ultimate purpose is not only to cover up empty spaces or hide cables. They are also important for ensuring that hot air does not mix with the cold air inside the data center.

With blanking panels, you can avoid the effects of “hot spots” and simply seal the gaps that would otherwise contribute to the head in your systems. Learn more about blanking panels here.

Clean your server room before summer begins!

They say prevention is better than cure. By having your cleaning staff on the job right before summer kicks in, your IT team can actually come across and rectify issues that might have slipped between the cracks.

Cleaning helps you spot everything; right from mismanaged cable wires to open floor tiles and broken containment doors. Keeping your servers neat and tidy, organizing your cable system, and removing dust particles from every nook and corner can significantly cool your systems and help manage your data center more efficiently during the hot months. For some useful cleaning tips, click here!

Think your data center is summer-ready? We, at Hardy Racks, take pride in serving our customers with nothing but the best. Our server racks come with 86% perforation, an ideal choice for heat dissipation. We are also known for our data center accessories, including blanking panels, brush panels, cooling trays and others – required to equip your data center well, not just for the summer but for all seasons. We also offer data center consulting services and set up hot/cold aisle containment. To know more, get in touch with us today!


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