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Private Data Center Parks in the Offing for India

In 2019, scores of experts predicted that the world will witness a massive growth in hyperscale and colocation data centers. We, too, had spoken about the expected growth in data centers in our earlier post on data center trends for 2020. Affirming these predictions, the recently concluded Union Budget 2020 promises a bright future for data center parks in the country.

According to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget speech, the Indian government will start promoting the development of private data center parks in the country in a bid to leverage all the opportunities presented by the country’s data-driven economy. In her speech, she said: “I propose to bring out soon a policy to enable the private sector to build data center parks throughout the country. It will enable our firms to skillfully incorporate data in every step of their value chains.”

India has witnessed a data explosion owing to multiple initiatives such as Digital India, Smart Cities, and so on, to accommodate the massive consumption and generation of data. With the internet penetration in India going beyond 30% and growing each day, experts say that it is highly likely that India’s data center market will generate $4 billion by 2024.

Similar to the USA’s policy, the government stated that the policy won’t be too heavy in terms of taxation on data center providers in a bid to implore them to set up more data centers in the country.

Here’s why it matters:

Most modern companies these days opt for two or more data center installations, often across multiple locations in order to sustain the data better and shield it from any kind of interruptions or shortages. That way, the growth of data center parks can simplify operations, organize, and process data faster. It also becomes possible to disseminate a large amount of data without the restrictions posed by a relatively smaller facility. Data center parks are also backed by efficient, state-of-the-art provisions for security. Moreover, space and connectivity is never a problem when it comes to data center parks.

With a lot of useful developments in the offing, it’s important to have a data center that bears your organization’s needs in mind, equipped with the right backing that keeps up with these changing times. Hardy Racks is an ISO certified company and a leading manufacturer of data center equipment. Get in touch with us today for an expert consultation on how to set up and run your data center efficiently!


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