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What Not To Do In Your Data Center

An efficiently running data center is always a good sign, both for the client and the providers. However, when it comes to managing a data center, even the smallest of mistakes can lead to significant issues, including data loss. Here are four common mistakes that you should avoid while managing a data center.

Inadequately managing servers

Like most equipment related to data, they ought to be taken care of well. When servers in a data center are poorly managed or neglected, things can go downhill quite fast. It’s important to keep your servers updated, backed up, and plugged into backup batteries at all times. It is also important to check the servers regularly so that, in the event of finding any irregularities, they can be rectified at the earliest.

Functioning with poorly designed racks

When it comes to a data center, it’s important to think big and ahead, especially in terms of physical space. More often than not, in the name of saving costs, we might end up investing in a badly designed rack that makes it difficult to work in the long run. Take all the time you need and find the kind of racks that will suit not just your present needs but also your future needs.

At Hardy Racks, we design racks in a variety of different models and sizes ranging from 18U to 42U, so that you can find the right racks for your data center. Click here to know more.

Not taking security seriously

There’s a common misconception that security isn’t a concern for data centers, but even something seemingly as harmless as giving a new colleague the security code can make add to your list of risks. Opt for the best possible ways to protect your data and keep your servers safe. Irrespective of where your server is located, it is never fully protected. As a data center, while you can’t guarantee 100 percent protection, you can still do everything in your capacity to keep your data secure.

With Hardy Racks’ Secure Data Center and SmartLocks, you can prevent unauthorized entry at the server rack level through surveillance and access control systems. Click here to know more.

Devising a low budget plan

A budget that only thinks of the present might appear convenient but can make planning a challenge when you expand. A reasonable budget plan should be drafted bearing future growth and numbers. This ensures you expand seamlessly and trickles down to quality service for all your clients.

At Hardy Racks, we provide A-Z solutions for your server rack and data center needs. We are known for our high-quality data center racks equipped with 86 percent perforation, excelling better than the rest in the market. To know more about our services, get in touch with us today!


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