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3 Areas That Modern Data Center Managers Must Excel In

The demand for data centers will never cease, especially now that everybody is utilizing the digital space for all their needs and wants. Therefore, data centers and cloud providers are doing everything in their capacity to make the environment more efficient, while trying to beat the competition, and stay ahead in the market. This also means equipping their data center managers with the best and allowing them to use every resource to its full potential. 

According to The Data Center Network Strategies and Leadership North American Enterprise Survey, the demand for skilled data center managers and a plethora of modern networks and software have grown. The survey analyzed the trends and assessed how several enterprises have been equipping their data centers with the right networking technology for higher growth in DC (Data Center) sites. The survey further reiterates what data center managers are looking for and why these enhancements and modern technologies should feature in their checklist. 

Normalization of evolving, high-speed networks

Data center scalability is critical. The need to have increased port-speed is in every data center manager’s wishlist and they will try getting the maximum out of the network equipment for increased speed and efficiency. The features of better port-speed would typically involve optimizing the equipment’s power (I/O) connectors keeping cost, flexibility, density, and electrical performance in mind. 

Knowledge of every equipment/application

Data center managers who are keeping themselves updated with the data center market’s latest offerings know that open and standard-based equipment is important to accommodate better interoperability of networks. With increased awareness, managers can focus on tracking their virtual machine movements, even having the process automated to keep up with the increased traffic in data storage and transmission.

Keeping the data center traffic influx in mind, data center managers are now including several new requirements to their must-have list including innovative services such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data to improve application performance and speed.

Optimization of server rack architecture

A data center manager would certainly look into this critical aspect early on – the airflow in the data center. With all things considered, eventually, it is the management of the airflow that results in better efficiency of your data center. Data center managers of today are adding this skill of studying and acting upon the entire location’s airflow and including equipment and accessories such as server racks that improve performance at a fraction of the cost. 

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