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3 Must-Haves for a Modern Temperature Monitoring System

Investing in a temperature monitoring system for your data center is a great idea. It can free you from the cumbersome task of manual monitoring as well a ensure the smooth performance of your data center equipment, round the clock.

Because ambient temperature varies from the temperature within different racks, we recommend opting for rack-level monitoring units to efficiently manage the temperature needs within your data center.

Before you purchase a rack-level temperature monitoring system, here are three important features to look for:

Digital thermometer and display

A thermometer with a digital display can provide you with an accurate reading of the temperature, down to the last decimal point. This will ensure that you take corrective action as soon as the temperature crosses a certain threshold, without having to make adjustments with a vague idea of the temperature reading.

Multiple temperature sensors

A single server rack has multiple rack levels and, therefore, houses more than one piece of equipment. Naturally, this may create multiple heat levels within the same server rack. To truly be able to monitor all of them with a single thermometer may be quite a challenge. That’s why it is recommended that each rack-based thermometer come with two or more sensors and display their respective temperature readings.

In-built alarm/notification system

A rack-based thermometer is only functional as a monitoring system if it comes with an alarm or notification system of its own. Most standard temperature monitoring devices turn on a red light or send out an audible alarm if/when the temperature within the rack crosses the preferred limit. This is an important functionality that will help address any overheating issues within the rack in a timely manner.

Rack-based temperature monitoring systems save data center managers time, effort, and resources in many ways. You can read more about the importance of rack-based temperature monitoring here.

The Hardy Racks temperature monitoring system comes with a three-inch, seven-segment digital display that indicates the current temperature within a rack. It comes with the functionality of adding one or more sensors, depending on the rack’s specific needs. In addition to triggering an audible alarm throughout the data center facility, it also sends out a mobile notification to personnel-in-charge to alert them, irrespective of where they are.

For more information, download the brochure or get in touch with us today!

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