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3 ways Blanking Panels can add value to your data center

Global internet traffic is surging. It apparently increased 40% in 2020. Since 2010, the number of internet users worldwide has doubled, while global internet traffic has expanded 15-fold. And that means energy consumption too is surging. Data centers and data transmission networks account for about 1% of global electricity use. So, there is always a focus on what can be done to improve energy efficiency and consumption.

An almost immediate way to do that is by using blanking panels. It’s amazing how a sheet of plastic or metal can help improve efficiency at a data center (metal means more durability, but plastic ones are more cost-effective and easier to install).

What exactly are Blanking Panels?

Blanking panels are a piece of plastic or metal inserted into an empty rack space. They usually remain there until a new server is installed in its place.

What are the ways in which they can help your data center?

1. They optimize airflow throughout a rack

Blanking Panels do not allow hot and cold air to mix and therefore reduce the energy requirements for a cooling system to meet its required temperatures.

Modern server racks are designed to ensure air flows evenly for effective cooling of the servers and other equipment. But this works optimally only when all of the slots in the server are occupied. If there are empty slots you will end up having wasted cooling through bypass airflow. But if you have your blanking panels in place, air will go exactly where it should.

2. They help to decrease dust accumulation

One of the best ways to prevent dust from getting into servers is to get it blown out quickly. Blanking panels will ensure the airflow moves as intended.

By covering off unused spaces in your racks, you can significantly reduce the amount of dust that can settle in these hard-to-clean spaces.

3. They add to the aesthetics of a data center

Yes, appearances aren’t the most significant factor in a data center, still blanking panels do tend to make the equipment look neater.

The experts at Hardy Racks recommend installing Blanking Panels at least every 8U Spaces (17.5″) for racks over 12 U. These blanking panels from Hardy Racks are individually formed by coining each bend, which adds as much as five times the product strength. If cost-effectiveness is your priority, we suggest the 1U blanking panel, which is easily affordable.

Do get in touch with us for more information about blanking panels as well as other accessories from rack mounts to power distribution units and more for data centers. We are an award-winning CE Certified and ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company, which specializes in complete vertically integrated solutions for the assembling of server racks and cabinets.


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