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3 Ways to Protect Your Cables This Summer

With temperatures soaring, data center operators are working tirelessly to protect their systems from downtime as well as keep the server rooms cool, airy, and moisture-free. Even as you are busy optimizing cooling systems and setting up containment aisles, did you know that your cables too need special attention in the summer? 

Bear the following points in mind so that your cables don’t melt, hang loose, or get fried as the sultry days kick in!

Maintain a simple cable pathway

It can be quite overwhelming when you walk into a server room that’s overflowing with cables of all colors and sizes. Cables, just like our servers, require functional and protective containment. Perhaps one mistake that a lot of data center operators tend to make is allowing the cables to simply be strewn around without an organized, clear pathway. During summers, especially, pay attention to your cable pathway and ensure that it is flexible and accessible, with plenty of air flowing in.

You can organize the cable pathway by tying cords together using velcro/zip ties, labeling the cables based on their color and functionalities so that it’s easy to trace their paths. Read more cable management tips here.

Adhere to fire standards 

Did you know that mismanagement of your cable system can lead to sparks, which could lead to a massive fire if precautions are not taken? Considering that moisture content would be high during summers, it is important to take extra care of your cable wires in this season. 

Get expert guidance from fire authorities on whether your cable system should be placed under the floor or overhead, based on the architecture, cooling requirements and fire safety measures suited for your data center. In any case, ensure you have all the fire safety equipment nearby so that, in the event of a mishap, you can control the fire/sparks as soon as possible.

Make more room for your cables

While horizontal cable management is alright for server rooms where space isn’t an issue, vertical management is preferred for server rooms that have limited space. Vertical Cable Management is also best for allowing your cable system to cool off and let the air flow uninterrupted.

Server racks can be easily equipped with spacious vertical cable managers that are easy to access. It can be easily fed from the overhead or under-floor pathways, therefore making it organized and ensuring optimal cool temperatures.

When it comes to setting up a data center, cabling is often considered as an afterthought. However, proper cable management is just as important as keeping your servers cool. If you are planning the structure of your data center now, then factor in the amount of cable you would require (nothing more, nothing less) else you would run the risk of finding yourself neck-deep in a maze of networking cables, addressing issues that you wouldn’t have had to worry about if you had paid more attention to your cable system. 

At Hardy Racks, we have products that will aid you in building cable management systems that are efficient, compact, cost-effective, and perfect for all seasons. Our fiber raceways are the best-in-class solution for properly managing highly demanding fiber cables. To know more about fiber raceways and our other cable management solutions, get in touch with us now.


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