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4+1 Reasons to Set Up Your Data Center in Chennai

Chennai, the southern metropolitan city of India is already home to several small data centers. However, it is in the news today because of its leap in status – to the second major data center hub of India!

With three large companies investing a collective 8300 crore rupees in the city, Chennai is now piquing the interests of other data center companies as well. If you are one of them, here are a few reasons to consider Chennai as your data center destination:

Presence of Submarine Cable Landings

Chennai, being a coastal city, enjoys sound optic fiber network connectivity with three undersea cable landing stations from the Bay of Bengal Gateway. With a combined capacity of 14.8 terabytes per second, it is second only to Mumbai, which currently has the largest cable landing station in the country.

Reliability of Land, Power, Resources

In addition to a dedicated IT corridor, the city of Chennai also several promising commercial hubs where land prices are competitive and power isn’t an issue. Moreover, construction and infrastructure costs are also affordable and, therefore, favorable for setting up large-scale facilities. 

Proximity to Key SE Asian Cities

Southeast Asia is a growing hotbed for the data center and information technology industries. Chennai’s close proximity and easy accessibility with these key cities also serve as an important factor that is attracting data center companies to the city. To know more about why proximity plays an important role in a data center’s location, click here.

Favorable State Government

The Government of Tamil Nadu takes great interest and initiative in the IT development of the state and, especially, of the city of Chennai. According to a press release, the government is providing necessary infrastructure support, regulatory approvals, permissions, and/or registration facilitation (subject to applicable laws) for the upcoming data center park being set up by Yotta Infrastructure (Hiranandani Group) in the city.

Bonus: We are in Chennai!

Every data center requires sturdy server racks, secure network cabinets, efficient power distribution units, thorough cable management systems, regulatory aisle containment, temperature monitoring units, and many other accessories.

Headquartered in Chennai, Hardy Racks is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, a manufacturer of CE certified server racks in addition to a large variety of data center essentials, and a trusted name in the industry for expert consultation, customization, and optimization of data centers. 

So when you are in Chennai to set up your data center, don’t forget to get in touch with us!

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