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4 Things to Keep in Mind While Setting Up Your Home Server Room

Adjusting to the new normal can be easy for some, but complicated for those whose jobs involve a lot of data. For a work-from-home set-up, having a home server room can solve a lot of your problems. It’s akin to having a miniature server room but only for a few individuals as opposed to an entire body of staff, helping you with work and ensuring seamless and minimal interruptions.

A Home Server Room is also perfect for small businesses with a handful of employees that can be set-up in one’s room, garage, basement, or storage room. Here are 4 pointers to keep in mind before opting for a home server room.

Select a cool yet spacious room

It’s admirable how several pioneers in the tech field started their work from their home’s basement or garage. With a shoestring budget and fewer employees, you can set up your home server room by narrowing down the right location in your home or small office space. Choose a cool room yet with enough breathing space, where your servers will not get overheated and its cables not get too mixed up. But first, check if your building structure is capable of bearing the physical weight as well as the electrical requirements of your equipment.

Get all your equipment ready – no shortcuts here!

Sure, you are on a budget but you are also saving on real estate costs by opting for a home server room. So don’t compromise when it comes to opting for the right equipment! Allocate enough budget for getting the ideal mini server racks, top-quality cables, power distribution units, and other accessories. It is also important to invest in the right-sized rack-mounted equipment perfectly designed for your server hardware. These kinds of equipment tend to have shelves and drawers specifically designed to cater to your home server’s purpose.

Follow proper procedures to eliminate risks

It goes without saying that even something as small as a home server room can pose a serious risk if not done properly. Therefore, while you might be organized in terms of equipment and other accessories, do reach out to an expert to ensure that you leave no room for vulnerabilities or risks, including fire mishaps. Follow standard procedures, even when it comes to correct labeling and segregation of cables to prevent damage due to friction. Plus, you wouldn’t want to lose precious data amidst this melee!

Don’t overlook cooling solutions

The best part about setting up a home server room is that your cooling systems wouldn’t actually be as expensive as the ones used in professional server rooms. In fact, there are a number of budget-friendly provisions available for homer server rooms – including regular home split ACs. If you’re setting up your home server room in your garage or basement, ensure that it is well ventilated and not too humid. Such a setup could pose a potential threat to your switches and sockets. If the temperature is too high, install a portable, mini air-cooler to keep the temperature regulated within the room.

During these times of uncertainty, always be server-ready with the right equipment and accessories by your side. Hardy Racks is an ISO-certified company and leading manufacturer of data center equipment. We are not only known for our high-quality products, but also for our expert consultation services. Set up your server room with the best – contact us today!


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