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5 Essentials for your Data Center

Setting up a data center is no easy task. There are a number of factors to be considered, a layout to be planned, and various servers, network equipment, and other hardware needs to be met.

In addition to all this, here are five essentials no data center or server room can do without!

Server Racks and Network Cabinets

Server racks and network cabinets are heavy-duty metal bodies that are essential for housing your equipment in a space-efficient, organized, and easily accessible manner. They also make sure that the equipment remains protected from physical hazards and security threats.

Click here to know how to choose the right server racks for your data center.

Power Distribution Units

Your equipment cannot run without power, so power sources are a must in any data center. Power distribution units do the job of connecting to these sources and distributing power among your equipment as per the requirement. But that’s not all – power distribution units, today, are also important in effectively monitoring and controlling the levels of power usage within the data center.

Learn more about choosing the right PDU for your data center here

Temperature Control Equipment

To prevent overheating and damage to equipment, it is essential to control the temperature within the data center. In addition to proper air conditioning that will keep the space cool, it is also important to have cooling trays, blanking panels, and other airflow management essentials. These items not only maintain optimum temperatures and regulate airflow within the center but also help you in saving costs!

Find out how you can save costs with these items here.

Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Although not a necessity in small server rooms, a hot or cold aisle containment is absolutely essential for a larger data center. As you may be aware, one of the most expensive aspects of maintaining a data center is in keeping the equipment at optimal temperatures. With a proper aisle containment structure, it is possible to maximize cooling efficiency and minimize power consumption within your data center.

You can learn more about hot and cold aisle containment here

Cable Management Supplies

Whether you require a full-blown fiber raceway for your cables or just need some handy brush panels and great ideas for cable management will depend on the size of your data center and the number of equipment you possess. However, one thing is for sure – you cannot take cable management lightly! As you are aware, a data center is required to function round the clock – and this can happen only if your cables are intact, well-protected, and well-organized.

Here are some quick cable management tips for you!

At Hardy Racks, we are manufacturers and suppliers of world-class server racks, network cabinets, fiber raceways, power distribution units, and a number of accessories that are essential for setting up and running data centers efficiently. Get in touch with us to know more about our products or our data center consulting services!

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