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5 Reasons to Make Hardy Racks your PDU Partner

Power Distribution Units are crucial to any server room or data center setup. While they are necessary for the distribution of power across different equipment, PDUs are also important for controlling and monitoring power usage in these facilities.

At Hardy Racks, we manufacture PDUs of all kinds—including basic, metered, and smart—so that you can find the one that best matches your needs! Read on to know why you should choose Hardy Racks as your PDU manufacturer:

Multiple sizes to suit your space

Hardy Racks’ power distribution units are manufactured in 0U, 1U, and 2U sizes to match the spacing and size needs of different server racks, cabinets, or server rooms.

Varying capacities for varying industry needs

Our PDUs come in a variety of capacities, suitable for home, commercial, and industrial use, such as:

  1. 5 amperes for simple home applications,

  2. 16 amperes for industrial applications, and 

  3. 32 amperes for welding and heavy-duty applications

Versatile mounting applications

With Hardy Racks’ PDUs, you won’t be limited in the way you arrange or set up your equipment within your server room or data center. Our PDUs are both conveniently wall-mountable and rack-mountable!

Sockets to suit any equipment

Are you limiting the quality and make of your data center equipment because of challenges in finding PDUs with the right sockets? Depending on the origin and make of your data center equipment, you can choose from Hardy’s range of PDUs with global and Indian sockets.

The Hardy quality assurance

Unlike most PDUs in the industry that are made of plastic, PDUs from Hardy Racks come with solid and sturdy metal bodies that make them the long-lasting and ideal choice.

What’s more, all our power distribution units come with a 6-month replacement warranty, so you can purchase these high-quality, cost-effective PDUs with no worry about wasting your money!

Choose the Right PDU for your data center; click here to know how!

Interested in knowing more? Download the brochure or get in touch with us today.


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