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5 Ways to Improve Data Center Compliance

Today, data is one of the most valued commodities in the world. Data Centers have the crucial role of processing and protecting sensitive data. Therefore, detailed and strict measures are taken to ensure the compliance of data centers with the regulatory and security norms of the data industry. If you are a business concerned with the running of data centers, the following are a few ways in which you can improve your data center compliance:

1. Understanding the dynamic nature of compliance

You can have the most sophisticated compliance network in place for your data center’s compliance needs but it can still be the wrong choice for you. One aspect of compliance that is crucial to its understanding is that it can look different for different businesses, depending on the industry that your business falls under. 

For example, the compliance standards for healthcare data can look very different from the compliance needs for retail customer data. Therefore, if your setup falls short or overperforms when compared to your particular industry’s performance, it can mean compliance failure or drainage of resources, respectively. 

2. Aligning your teams 

Compliance is not something that the IT team can handle on their own. It is a company-wide process that requires the alignment of several different teams. Therefore, efforts must be made in order to make sure that everyone understands their role in meeting the compliance standards and performs their part regularly. This can be achieved through training, seminars or meetings with departmental heads. 

3. Investing into Safety procedures 

Security of the data center, both physical and virtual, is of utmost importance when determining accessibility and uptime. Therefore, your data center compliance requires that you invest in smart hardware and physical security systems that can connect to the hardware and keep you informed about data breaches. Higher security means lesser risk of downtime due to external factors and greater accessibility of data to the customers and a higher compliance rating. 

4. Ensuring Timely audits

Timely audits are not only a way to ensure that your system is fully functional and healthy but it is also a great way of letting your customers know that your data center adheres to the compliance standards. A constant string of positive results from regularly held audits is an excellent way of establishing the quality and consistency in the performance of the data centers, all year round. Since transparency is valued greatly when it comes to data handling, audits can help you build and maintain your data center’s reputation. 

5. Introducing intelligence tools 

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a great way of keeping your customers informed about the functioning of the data centers. When you have data hardware that holds the capacity to support AI, it helps build your business in a more holistic manner. With colocation gaining momentum across the world, keeping individual stakeholders informed about their data and its real-time working is an asset that needs to be looked into. 

Compliant data centers build trust through transparency. Therefore, compliance is the way forward to ensure that your data center is running smoothly and also creating a positive market image for itself. If you want to learn how your hardware can help you achieve better data center compliance, do reach out to us at Hardy Racks!


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