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Accessorize right, cool well, watch the idle servers… and more ways to make your data center e

There are simple ways to increase organization and scalability within a data center. You don’t need a major overhaul, just a few minor upgrades that can go a long way in making your data center more efficient.

Here are 7 ways to ensure your data center is working the way it should.

1. Accessorize right

Choosing the right accessories in a data center can go a long way in improving efficiency. An example of this would be a good cable management system that allows you to quickly adapt to changing technology requirements. The right fiber raceways for instance can help you properly manage highly demanding fiber cables. Cable wire baskets give an open structure and make it easy to organise cables as well as allow for airflow.

2. Turn off idle devices

Several servers in a data center (often up to a third of them) are sitting unused. Think of how much more efficient your data center would be if you got these ghosts up and up running. Or if not, turn them off as an idle device is still consuming a significant portion of the power it would draw at maximum utilization.

3. Conduct an energy audit

There are several questions to ask yourself when it comes to energy consumption, for instance, How much of the data center’s power budget goes to IT systems, or What is the ratio of power input and output? High-density computing equipment can be a huge drain on operating budgets and it is increasingly becoming a challenge to conserve energy while supporting growing energy requirements. Wise management practices in maintaining IT hardware, power, and cooling can save a company a lot of money. Regular energy audits help in this regard.

4. Ensure effective cooling

Many computer room cooling systems are inefficiently deployed and this hits directly at budgets as more than half a data center’s utility bill goes to support cooling systems. Use hot aisle/cold aisle enclosure configurations or blanking panels inside equipment enclosures to maintain airflow and keep the center cool.

5. Watch out for vibrations

When it comes to setting up racks, one of the factors often overlooked is floor load and vibration. Racks — and their installed gear — can result in considerable floor load. Data centers are specifically designed to reinforce the floor to support the enormous weight of servers, so ensure that this is done as vibrations can cause drive failures. Placing racks too close together sometimes causes vibrations.

6. Be careful of movement

Racks within the data center house all the major equipment and often are interconnected. Any unnecessary movement of the ‘live’ rack may cause loose connections and even a service outage. As a rule of thumb be careful when it comes to displacing a rack from its position.

7. Monitor weather conditions

Data centers are affected by natural disasters like forest fires, earthquakes, floods, and so on. It pays to monitor news and weather events in real-time to gauge new threat risks related to technology, or even cybercrime.

Hardy Racks has a range of data center accessories that can help you improve the performance and efficiency of servers. From cooling options to cable and rack management, give our experts a call.


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