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All You Need to Know About Micro Data Centers

Technology keeps evolving, with something novel coming up each year. While data centers are here to stay, a newer and smaller version of data centers is slowly making its presence felt in the tech-market. Called Micro Data Centers, some experts predict that several small entrepreneurs would start opting for these standalone, self-contained, rack-only systems from 2020 onwards.

What is a micro data center?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a data center, but a micro version of it. They are secure, compact enclosures that typically contain the UPS, racks, power, and cooling support with software devices focusing on the monitoring and management aspect of the enclosure. Compared to a traditional data center, micro data centers fall somewhere between IT closets and larger modular data centers. A convenient and simple option, such data centers are a cost-effective and fast solution, too.

Benefits of micro data centers

  1. Micro data centers are portable and include all the components of a typical data center such as in-rack power supply, space-saving cable systems, wireless readers and scanners for applications.

  2. They provide plug-and-play features such as built-in enclosures for servers, cooling systems, power backup and more.

  3. They fit perfectly well in spaces that aren’t ideal for a traditional data center such as the floors of a factory and city centers for edge-computing and analytics. 

  4. They can be deployed indoors and outdoors. In fact, bearing in mind their versatility and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, micro data centers are perfect for locations that have just been hit by a catastrophic event such as floods, landslides or earthquakes.

  5. They can solve various kinds of issues such as a sudden increase in network traffic that a traditional micro data center wouldn’t be able to handle. 

In this day and age, where space is a serious issue for most businesses and enterprises, the need for flexible technology grows. That way, micro data centers require very little physical space for the system and minimal time to configure it. A simple plug-and-play micro data center goes a long way for an IT staff working off-site, in remote locations. Relying only on local sites for power and communication, micro data centers are bound to grow in the next decade, especially for businesses that are looking to simplify core business solutions.

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