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All You Need To Know About Vertical Cable Management 

Imagine walking into your server room and stumbling upon wires and cables, strewn all over to make it chaotic! We all know that the server room is one of the most important rooms in an organization, literally a powerhouse, and it’s just as important to ensure that it is maintained well. Here’s where good vertical cable management comes to the rescue.

What is vertical cable management?

With vertical cable management, you essentially set out a vertical pathway for innumerable cables in the rack system. Typically, for this type of cable management, a single D-ring vertical cable manager is used to enable an organized cabling system in your server room. This type of cable management starts from the ground and literally climbs up. Vertical cable managers come in a variety of sizes, keeping the specific needs of a server room in mind. 

It can be bent safely or go over a piece of equipment without causing confusion or making the whole arrangement more chaotic. Since a data centre has thousands of cables and wires everywhere, this type of cable management takes time to set up. However, the results are worth it. 

Advantages of vertical cable management:

  1. Chances of any sort of interference significantly reduce purely because the data cables are arranged in such a way that they are kept away from the power cables.

  2. Space-wise, there’s little required considering you will be starting from the floor and go till the ceiling. The cost would significantly reduce too as you wouldn’t need any additional panels on each side.

  3. If you need to add more cables, you needn’t fret as you only need to scale up. Moreover, you have enough space for your servers to cool and make use of the ample airflow. 

As we’ve already established that your server room is the most important one, it is vital that it’s protected from any sort of physical breaches. Therefore, keeping it organized with all the right wires and cables in place, in addition to a suitable access control system can secure your server room really well. And with vertical cable management, companies can save a whole lot of money and space as well!

Sometimes, especially in small organizations, it might be difficult to dedicate a room for your servers alone. However, you can always dedicate a corner in your office for all server-related equipment. With vertical cable management, it becomes a whole lot easier to maintain your servers.

With the Secure Data Center from Hardy Racks, you can make sure that even this space is fully equipped for all your server needs. Want to know more about how you can efficiently secure your data centre? Get in touch with us today for an expert consultation on setting up your server room with the appropriate cable management system.

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