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Colors, codes, and ties: How to get your cables in order

You’ve got your racks and PDUs in place, but what about your cables? Have you managed to get them to work for you rather than against you? Cable management is important because of the sheer number of copper and fiber cords running through the length and breadth of your data center.

So, here are some tips on how to get your cables in line and not look like a bowl of messy tangled spaghetti.

Color coding

This is a time-tested method of quickly identifying different runs of cable. One needs to ensure that colors stand out. For instance, avoid using pink and red as they can be confused. Using bold unique colors will make it easier to follow cables and troubleshoot. Powder coating can be used to color code.

You can color-code your cables based on: 

Purpose: Is it for power monitoring or temperature monitoring, or 

Destination: Based on perhaps which floor the cable is leading to.

Hot or cold aisle cable runs

It is better to keep under-floor power cables in the hot aisle running parallel to the computer room air conditioner unit’s airflow will help to prevent possible outages.

Unused cables must be removed

If the cable is leading nowhere, remove it. Unused and abandoned cables left can restrict airflow and can be a fire hazard.

Use cable ties

These can be used to hold groups of data cables together.  Velcro-based cable ties are versatile and can be reused or adjusted, but if using zip ties make sure clipped ends of the ties are disposed of properly.

Cable labeling makes installation smooth

Labeling allows for easier installation on-site and quicker isolation of cables if there is a power surge. Also, use a spreadsheet to keep track of the colors and configurations.

Testing of cables

All cables should be tested before installation as this will make it easier to identify problems and rectify problems without the issue of downtime.

Cable protection

Brushed grommet cable seals are often used to protect cables from the rough edges of the floor panel cut-outs as well as to minimize contaminations.

Selecting the right vendor

It is important to choose a vendor who has experience with cable solutions so that you can get a product that matches your requirements. Hardy Racks has a range of data center accessories, among them the fiber raceway, which offers an efficient, compact, and cost-effective solution for cable management. Fiber raceways adapt to any application and offer optimal digital data distribution.

Would you like to know more about fiber raceways as well as our other cable management solutions? Contact our executives today at Hardy Racks.


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