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Data Center as a Service (DCaaS): Scalability and Flexibility On-Call

With the demand for information growing by the minute, the need for real-time data transmission is increasing by the second. And that makes data centers vital in this modern age.

Data centers are where computing facilities and networking equipment are centralized. They connect communication networks so end-users can access information remotely. Just think of it as thousands of tiny servers running non-stop to protect your data.

Introducing the DCaaS provider

DCaaS is when offsite data center facilities and infrastructure are rented or leased to clients. In other words, clients use the servers, networking, storage and other computing resources owned by the DCaaS provider, thereby offloading the management of non-critical applications. This leaves companies free to focus on their core competencies, leaving their data storage in the hands of DCaaS providers.

The DCaaS provider is responsible for data backup, recovery and networking, while also hosting websites, managing emails, supporting cloud storage applications and e-commerce transactions, even online gaming. Clients typically access these data centers remotely across a wide-area network (WAN).

Almost every large modern business uses a data center facility. Without these centers, most companies will not have speedy and secure access to data. Companies make use of DCaaS providers for several reasons ranging from not being able to expand their own data center, to space and logistical issues, to infrastructure cost factors.

DCaaS providers can tailor services to their clients’ needs, while also providing technical support, security, and server optimization.

3 reasons why DCaaS makes business sense

1) Cost-effectiveness:

Going the DCaaS way is more economical than staffing up or investing capital in additional computing hardware. DCaaS typically works on a pay-as-you-go model. Also, renting physical facilities makes the investment an operating expense, which can have various budgetary advantages. Additionally, DCaaS companies purchase large amounts of bandwidth and electricity, enabling them to offer volume-based discounts, thereby driving further overall cost-savings.


DCaaS is easier to scale up and down than an on-site data center. Call this “pay-as-you-grow” if you will. DCaaS allows you to add or contract your leased space as needed and only pay for what you’re using at that moment. This way you can maximize the value of your investment.

Business Efficiency:

With a DCaaS provider in place, in-house IT staff can spend more time focusing on other critical needs. For instance, in many cases, physical plant management and security features are difficult for enterprises to procure and maintain on premises. Allowing a DCaaS to handle that is a bonus.

Hardy Racks supports data centers – and Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) service providers – with world-class services and products to offer greater value to their end-customers. Get in touch with us today to see how our solutions could help you too!

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