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Data center racks impact the efficiency of a data center – so choose right

First up, the stats. The global Data Center Rack market size, which was valued at USD 2.338 billion in 2019, is set to touch USD 3.325 billion by the end of 2026. That’s a CAGR of 5.1 % between 2021 and 2026.

There’s more — the global data center rack industry was valued at USD 2.0 billion (manufacturer’s revenue) in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 2.8 billion (manufacturer’s revenue) in two years. (Check out the report at—valuates-reports-301050199.html).

So, what is contributing to the growth of the data center rack market size?

Three factors that the above report cites are increasing deployment in colocation facilities, rising server density, and the adoption of robust racks.

The number of data centers around the world are rising, and the industry’s shift to server-based rack data centers play a critical role in allowing companies to meet rapidly changing business needs while reducing operational and capital expenditure.

This super-growth has brought rack infrastructure to the spotlight. Rack infrastructure has become not just an essential feature but a critical one as well in data centers. And low-cost highly efficient outdoor rack solutions are the need of the hour.

How do racks make a difference to the overall efficiency of a data center?

Racks play a key role in increasing performance

Buying the wrong type of rack brings huge risks due to overheating. The right rack arranges the servers in an organized way to provide sufficient airflow.

The outdoor racks from Hardy Racks for instance are ideal for extreme temperatures as the GI sheets are punched, formed and welded with sharp, clean lines and a dedicated vent system as well as have a powder-coating that helps with multi-level protection (even against UV rays).

The Perforated model has 86% perforation in front and rear which is the maximum available amongst any brand.

Also, everything from exhaust fans, cooling units, heat exchangers and heating is added to these racks in order to achieve stable temperatures inside the cabinets.

Racks play a key role in improving security

Racks are often used to protect other data center products from unauthorized access as well as from physical damage.

That is why when choosing a rack, one needs to ensure stability and correct design to protect from physical damage. Also, some racks come with additional security measures such as electronic locks and upgrades, which makes them completely secure.

In the case of Hardy Racks equipment, the compact design of the racks allows no point of access for lever-like tools offering heightened protection. 

Racks play a key role in space management

As data center equipment and the data centers themselves evolve, choosing the right products can allow companies to easily scale facilities. Choose server racks that allow for expansion; are cost-effective; compatible with equipment, and servers and switches from different vendors; and help in holding the additional weight of data center equipment.

This is where choosing a high-quality rack from a reputed and certified rack manufacturer can make a difference in meeting the changing needs of data facilities. Remember, every purchase today is an investment for tomorrow.

Racks from Hardy Racks feature adjustable mounting slots and equipment mounting angles offering greater flexibility and mounting space. They come with top and bottom panels for ventilation and easy cable entry as well as a provision to mount cooling fans on the top or side panels, or on the front doors.

Rack systems are a vital component of any data center. When well-designed and properly selected, racks are a strategic asset determining data center reliability. Hardy Racks is a leading server rack manufacturer, well equipped to deliver on your server rack needs. Do contact our experts today for assistance in selecting the right racks for your data center.

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