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Data Centers in a Post-Pandemic World

Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, a number of industries around the world have taken a massive hit. This global crisis, however, has also led to us recognizing a number of industries providing essential services; ie, services that are indispensable and have continued to make strides despite the obvious dip in the economy.

The data center industry is one such. It seems like the COVID-19 outbreak helped the world truly understood the effectiveness of data centers, acknowledging them as an essential service.

So what can we expect from data centers in a post-pandemic world? 

Better understanding of the need for data centers

Companies are now undergoing a massive digital transformation. Since work-from-home and online transactions have become part of the new normal, one can expect the use of data centers to grow multifold. According to Data Centers Frontier, many companies are re-analyzing their own requirements and are, therefore, venturing towards colocation as opposed to going ahead with their own data centers. 

In fact, this demand for more data centers is also trickling down to demand for better data center racks, especially keeping in mind the rise of contactless equipment. Recent statistics from the Global Data Center Market conclude that the industry will grow from USD 3.8 Billion in 2020 to USD 5.9 Billion by 2025. This predicted growth re-emphasizes the importance of data centers in today’s world and why it should be backed by quality data center equipment. 

New policies for better resilience 

Rules are being rewritten. While data centers around the globe are working in partial capacities, some are displaying a good amount of resilience, too. The future now appears to be more contactless, with a fewer number of personnel in the vicinity as opposed to a full team. While a variety of rotational shifts have been implemented to reduce the number of people present on-site in various locations, there is also a guaranteed coverage of services and security 24/7. The new policies are also including better cleaning processes to continue with a sanitized yet contactless work structure.

Companies are now understanding the digital landscape better and switching from traditional to more digital ways of conducting their business. With so much demand, it’s important to stay ahead and soldier on while everybody embraces this new normal. With social distancing rules applied in all the steps, data centers now aim to storm through this crisis, with better resilience and focus on providing terrific data management services. Read more about how data centers are coping through this challenging time here.

As an ISO certified company, we not only manufacture data center racks and accessories of superlative quality, but also provide expert consultation on setting up and maintaining efficient data centers. Looking for assistance with your post-lockdown plan? Get in touch with Hardy Racks today!


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