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Does Data Center Location Matter?

Whether you are building your own data center or on the lookout for a reliable data center partner, there are multiple factors you need to consider. But does the location of the data center itself matter?

We believe it does; here’s why!

Avoiding disaster-prone regions

Being in a geographically safe location is important for any data center. This includes avoiding earthquake- and tornado-prone regions that can threaten the safety of equipment and continuity of power supply. While disasters like floods cannot be completely eliminated, avoiding low-lying areas and ensuring a raised infrastructure will help mitigate the risk of damage. That being said, when it comes to natural disasters, preparedness is equally important. Read more on this topic here.

Ensuring the availability of multiple providers

Uninterrupted connectivity is the single most important factor for your end-users. Therefore, it is important for the data center to be located in a place where this can be guaranteed through proximity to adequate fiber connections, consistent enterprise-grade bandwidth, and internet exchanges. This will help your users enjoy increased speed and low latency.

Considering the affordability of space and power

When it comes to data centers, space is an invaluable asset; the more the better! While it may not be necessary to opt for a space that is widely disproportionate to your needs, it is important to account for future growth when setting up your own data center. Will you be able to afford it in the location you desire? Even if you are simply looking for colocation space, remember that prices will vary from state to state and even in different localities within a state.

Physical proximity to users

Do your end-users need lightning speed performance? Then find a location that is as close to them as possible. Yes, physical proximity to users does affect latency to some extent, considering that both requests and responses (to and from data centers) have to travel the geographic distance between them. Data centers and other IT gateways that are positioned closer to the people accessing them are especially essential to edge data centers that require high performance.

Keeping climatic impact in mind

Cooling and temperature maintenance is a major cost involved in running a data center. This is why data centers located in places with naturally pleasant temperatures are prefeed over those located in places with extreme conditions. You can easily lower the cost of air conditioning required to maintain the ambient temperature within the data center and even use methods like free cooling to leverage the temperature outside to cool the premises.

At Hardy Racks, we provide expert data center consulting services and can help you choose the right location and other important parameters for your upcoming data center. We can also provide you with the best server racks and accessories necessary to set up and run an efficient facility. Get in touch with us today!

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