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Five Data Center Myths Debunked

Data Centers have been around for a long time now, and have demonstrated time and again how crucial they are in order to run everyday data-dependent functions smoothly. However, although everyone uses data not everyone knows the importance of data centers, giving rise to all sorts of myths and misconceptions. Today, we will be debunking a few of them!

The cloud is making data centers obsolete

Many people feel that with the cloud powering applications of all kinds, that data centers will become obsolete. This can be put down to an incorrect understanding of the cloud – such people would be surprised to find that it is data centers that enable the cloud. The cloud can be said to exist on the ground inside functional servers that reside inside data centers. On the one hand, where the cloud is definitely reshaping business models, its relationship with data centers remains tightly knit as ever! 

Data centers are just large warehouses for servers

Storing servers does indeed make up a major part of what data centers are set up for, but the truth is far from the misconception that they are simply used to place these machines. Data centers are highly sophisticated and specialized facilities which contain telecommunication networks, top-of-the-line cooling and ventilation systems, control rooms, powerful air conditioning, battery rooms and much more.

Data centers can be built anywhere

Several people believe that a data center can be built anywhere. However, this is not the case. There are several factors that dictate whether a data center can be built at a place or not, and these factors range from the very specific business models of the particular companies to the data regulations of countries. A place has to tick several factors, including the weather conditions and threat of natural or man-made disasters in an area, the policies regarding data in that particular region and the ready availability of trained professionals. Several people believe that data centers do not employ many people but the truth is that they offer both direct and indirect job opportunities to people from various different fields.

Data centers are very expensive

Data Centers, like most things under the sun, offer several different options which determine their cost, depending on specific personal requirements and preferences. Some data center spaces are owned by a particular organization while others are rented or shared, also known as colocation. These are all different strategies through which it is possible to lower costs by splitting them with others. At the end of the day, it all depends on how much your company’s data is worth to you and how much are you willing to keep it safe and easily accessible.

Data centers do not really concern you

For the people who believe that they do not need data centres and that these are not absolutely vital to human life in the twenty-first century, do not exactly understand the scope of these spaces. Today’s industrial world runs on data centres; through data centres, retailers and service providers are able to run online operations smoothly. The need for data centres and their importance became crystal clear during the pandemic and there are several countries rallying to include data centres under essential infrastructure in order to ensure seamless working and complete operationality.

Today, we live as much in the digital world as we live in the physical world and the digital half of our world is powered by data centers. At Hardy Racks, we understand the key role that data centers play in all of our lives, and we’ve made it our mission to enable the optimal operation of data centers.

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