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Harness the power of the right PDU: Check out our selection checklist

Although viewed as one of the last decisions in setting up a data center, power distribution is in fact one of the most critical. Uninterruptible power supplies, metered power distribution, and standby power generators govern not only the connection of loads but how to monitor them. The right choice of a power distribution unit can impact on overall reliability and scalability of the server room or data center environment.

Here is a power distribution unit checklist

  1. Number of power outlets needed: Every device within your server rack or racks will require a power source.

  2. Type of sockets needed: Most devices are powered from C13 or C19 outlets using plug-in cables (check out Hardy Racks Metered PDUs). Some PDUs are available with color-coded and locking socket outlets as well.

  3. Phases needed: Both single and three-phase power distribution units are available and one needs to choose the right one as it can make the difference between uninterrupted and disrupted power supply.

  4. Power load needed: It is important to rate a power distribution unit for the load to be powered and include a safety margin of 10-20%. The outlet type will determine the maximum power that can be drawn from the socket. The PDU will provide overall protection, normally in the form of a circuit breaker.

  5. Type of mounting needed: Smaller power distribution units can be installed horizontally within a 19-inch wide frame. PDUs with a large number of power outlets may require vertical mounting.

  6. Type of PDUs: There are several types of PDUs available. Basic PDUs or power strips are like a socket extension strip for mounting in a server cabinet, may include spike/electrical noise filtering and surge protection, and are ideal for small computer rooms and server rooms with a limited number of installed servers and IT equipment. Metered PDUs can be used to show energy consumption, load current, kWh, etc, and are recommended for larger server rooms and data centers and especially those with shared resources (including electricity). Intelligent PDUs allow for remote activation and monitoring, and load balancing is more precise

Selecting the right PDUs will make it easier to manage power to servers and IT equipment. Hardy Racks Metered PDU allows you to monitor, track and report power usage in a data center as well as temperature and humidity levels inside your server rack. Interested in knowing more? Contact us today!

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