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Here’s the key to smart locking your data center against security breaches

In the digital world, data is king. And like in a game of chess, the king needs to be protected. Always.

That begs the question, how safe is your data center really? Data today underpins so many aspects of business and society is handled by data centers, and therefore plays a critical role in a business infrastructure. Any disruption can have severe consequences.

The total number of records compromised in 2020 because of data breaches exceeded 37 billion, a 141% increase compared to 2019, according to Risk Based Security’s 2020 year-end data breach report.

In this article we explore how to secure your data center, especially in terms of physical security, which is the protection of people, property, and assets, such as hardware, software, network, and data.

There are several layers of protection, so let’s explore them.

First, how secure is your perimeter?

A secure perimeter prevents, discourages, detects, and delays unauthorized entry of personnel. A high-resolution video surveillance system, motion-activated lighting, etc can check and monitor this.

Second, how secure are your facility controls?

This second layer of defense is basically an access control system using card swipes or biometrics. It serves to restrict access. This can be achieved with methods such as video surveillance and analytics.

Third, how secure are your computer room controls?

This layer of physical security further restricts access. Methods that can be deployed here include monitoring restricted areas, adding entry restrictions such as turnstiles, providing biometric access control devices, and so on.

Fourth, how secure are your cabinet controls?

While the first three ensure only authorized personnel have entered the data center, this is the level that protects against data breach. This layer is critical to the safety of a data center. There are multiple ways to ensure this from using server cabinets with electronic locking systems, or smart cards, and so on.

For the safety and security of the premises, the data center should be considered, monitored, and audited stringently and regularly. By ensuring the physical security of your data center, you’re placing the welfare of your customers at the forefront of your business.

The SmartLock by Hardy Racks provides server racks and their equipment with security against physical breaches through biometric- or card-based access. It prevents unauthorized access at the server rack level as well as identifies those abusing access. In other words, it’s like having your eye on your data all the time.

Every single data center rack door can be protected with a SmartLock, which is compatible with any brand as well as with server racks of all sizes. Anonymous access to server racks is eliminated. If you are looking for more information on securing your data center, get in touch with Hardy Racks today.

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