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How to Manage Your Data Center via Infrastructure Monitoring

Managing a data center can include many different tasks. While being physically present at the data center at all times might not be possible, there is a better way of monitoring your data center infrastructure than by depending on an on-site team alone. You can remotely access reports and data directly from your hardware and keep a closer watch on the functioning of your data center. 

Install smart data cabinets

You can access your data cabinets remotely when they are fitted with smart monitoring systems. The right cabinets will provide you with the flexibility to install systems for remote access, making management possible with only a few clicks. You can actually access each data cabinet and learn about the real-time contents of the cabinets and the information like data usage, etc. related to them. 

Keep an eye on power utilization through notifications

Power notifications are a great way of ensuring that your circuits are functioning in an optimal fashion. This means that you can learn if the circuits are using too much or too little power. This can be achieved through the usage of smart or monitored power distribution units in the data center infrastructure. Through these, you get to monitor the power consumption of a particular rack setup, remotely. 

You can also keep an eye on particular circuits and enable notifications for when they cross a particular power threshold. This will give you much greater control over the physical workings of the data center and keep you informed about the health of the data center hardware. 

Increase your bandwidth visibility

Increase your bandwidth visibility to learn what kind of bandwidth demands your data center equipment is facing and how well your particular setup is faring. You can enjoy access to your data center’s bandwidth information remotely through the use of various network access software. This gives you the chance to participate in the decisions for updating or rearranging the present data center hardware. You can make more informed decisions about what you think is necessary and which one is a redundant expense. 

Enhance transparency in reporting 

Your data assets must always work towards better performance and thus greater gains for the data centers. However, data hardware can become faulty over time and their performance can diminish greatly. This is where getting access to the power reports becomes crucial. 

Through the use of smart monitoring systems that can be connected directly to your smart racks, you can individually monitor each system, right up to the individual cabinets to learn how they are performing in terms of power. This is how you can make more informed decisions, keeping the average usage in mind, about how well a particular system is working or if a system seems to be malfunctioning or needs to be replaced. 

Getting remote access to your data center assets can prove to be a very beneficial tool. You can not only keep an eye on the physical performance and requirement of the data center in an ever-evolving data environment but you can also gauge the accuracy of the on-site reports provided to you by the personnel. 

This access creates a multi-level check and allows a much deeper involvement than what would have been possible through routine checks at the site. Mobile access is the future of data center monitoring and something that is gaining momentum throughout the data industry. To learn more about how your data center hardware can be made remote-monitoring-ready, do reach out to us at Hardy Racks.

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