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Keeping Your Data Center Clean

Cleaning the data center can be a challenge, since moving around the heavy equipment that are stacked up on heavy-duty racks won’t be easy. You may only be able to do a thorough cleaning once or twice a year because this will often require disrupting the existing order of the center and scheduled server downtime as cables will need to be loosened or removed in the process. 

Dust permeates almost every space and it won’t be a surprise if you find a layer of dust coating the equipment in your data center. But these airborne contaminants – including chemically inert dust and corrosive dust – can damage your equipment. 

So how do you protect your equipment from these harmful contaminants?

Use air regulators

Air filters and purifiers suck out contaminants and leave your equipment breathing in fresh air. In addition to particle contaminants, they will also keep your data center free from gaseous contaminants like ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and so on. 

Strategic placement of cooling trays and fans – that are used to regulate airflow and keep the equipment cool – can also help in keeping your server racks dust free.

Limit user access

More often than not, users bring in dirt through their footwear when they frequent the center. Frequent and easy access to the equipment rooms also let in dust from the outside, so limiting access can help in preventing dust accumulation.

As much as possible, ask users to come in without bags, wearing shoe covers. Do not allow any food/beverages into the room.

Use protective devices

If you cannot limit user access in and around the equipment, as is the case in fairly open server rooms/areas – consider using server racks with glass doors. G-series server racks and cabinets from Hardy Racks are ideal for such rooms.

Use brush panels to prevent dust from entering through open spaces that will be required for cables to pass through.

Periodically clean equipment surfaces

Even though a deep clean isn’t always possible, make sure you keep equipment surfaces dust free by wiping them with a soft cloth periodically. If you wish to use cleaning foams/sprays, make sure it is a product designed specifically for use on such equipment.

You can also use small handy vacuum cleaners to suck up dust from nooks and crannies.

Don’t use the space for storage

Paper, cardboard, and other packaging material disintegrate with time and leave behind dust. Do not allow such items inside the equipment room for storage or any other purposes. Even when unpacking new equipment, do it outside the room and bring only the equipment inside.

Although these may seem like simple procedures, they can all make a big impact on the cleanliness of your data center and the health of your equipment. 

If you need help with your data center maintenance, you can also get help from Hardy Racks!

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