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Maximize uptime with the right server rack strategies

Remember the adage, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Well, that holds true for server racks too. If your server racks are not up to par, you could be reducing the overall uptime at your data center.

The server rack is a staple of the data center because of the equipment it holds and the data it safeguards. It consumes no electricity and contains no moving parts, yet has a significant impact on a center’s ability to become an energy-efficient enterprise. 

With ever-growing modern business needs, server uptime has become a huge challenge for companies world-over in the last 18 months of the pandemic.

The following are some ways server racks can help increase uptime.

1. Ventilation

It is crucial to ensure racks are properly ventilated and monitored to avoid thermal hot spots and help to prevent network switch failure. Hardy Racks for instance has an open server rack that comes with supporting mounting rails. It offers an 86% door perforation ratio in front and rear to keep the server ventilated and decrease server fan power consumption.

2. Environment Monitoring 

Temperature sensors provide far more accurate, real-time views of data center temperatures. Power metering too is critical as it enables you to manage the energy usage and productivity of data center operations. Monitoring temperature and managing power will help to increase uptime and provide cost savings. 

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) have a major role to play in this, and can serve small, mid, and large-sized server needs. The basic PDU is ideal for unfiltered, uninterrupted power distribution to multiple devices without line filtering, while the Intelligent PDU is great for network-grade distribution of power.

3. Grounding

Data centers need to achieve very high levels of uptime, and understanding network grounding can give a competitive edge. That’s why data center managers are increasingly focusing on facility infrastructure issues, including network grounding systems to achieve uptime goals.

Grounding and bonding options are available for racks, so make sure you ask your service provider about them. For example, the design of the holes on racks engineered by Hardy Racks ensures conductivity with the rack and eliminates separate grounding strips.

If your mission is to achieve the highest uptime for customers, then you need to ensure that the server racks are chosen with care and suit your needs. Our experts at Hardy Racks are always available to answer any queries you may have on server racks. Contact us today.


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