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Plan and prepare your data center or server room for equipment installation

Did you know that China Telecom has the largest internet data center in the world? It’s located at the China Telecom-Inner Mongolia Information Park and spans one million square meters (10,763,910 square feet) and consumes 150MW across six data halls.

Now, whichever way you look at it, that’s a vast space, so you can imagine the enormity of the work involved to plan and design the rooms and installations and get the place up and running. 

Setting up an enterprise-class data center can be a complex undertaking. Here are some points to note when designing a data center space.


If the data center is too small, it might not meet current or future business needs; too big, and capital gets wasted in the unused space. It’s important that your facility offers capacity for growth yet optimizes utilization as setting up a data center can cost millions.


Selecting the appropriate illumination increases visibility and security, as well as minimizes energy use. Efficient lighting solutions will ensure operations are conducted seamlessly.


Data center temperatures are important to the efficient running of a data center and for optimal energy consumption. If equipment gets too hot, it runs a higher risk of failure, which often leads to downtime and lost data. A good range of temperatures in the server and data rooms is usually between 68 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit.


The several servers, routers, and air conditioning equipment in a data center can result in producing noise that influences the work and communication of staff. There are several methods to reduce noise levels in a data center. For instance, acoustic louvers can be used to reduce noise.


Equipment is heavy and the floors at a data center need to be sturdy enough to bear a weight of more than 3,000 pounds of hardware without caving in. If one is using raised flooring to handle air flows, then one needs to make special weight considerations for it.

Room attributes

When choosing a room, one needs to ensure there is enough space for all the racks needed now and in the future. The data center doors must be tall enough and floors sturdy enough. The room needs to be away from heat sources, both inside and outside the building. And the room should have some way to get rid of the heat generated by your equipment, for example through raised flooring or dropped ceilings.

Hardy Racks can help you through your data center installations with accessories and solutions tailor-made for your needs. Give us a call to explore more.


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