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Planning a data center migration? Here are some best practices

While cloud space may appear limitless, physical space is a premium. And that’s especially true in the world of information technology. This is why if you are planning a data center migration you’ve got to do it right to save on time and money.

Datacenter migration has three major benefits:

  1. It highlights redundancies. For instance, consolidating data and processes will free up more space on the servers.

  2. It mitigates security risks. Migrating data to a newer system helps evaluate current data center security protocols and procedures and make them future-proof.

  3. It enhances efficiency. Just evaluating your systems and processes helps to remove inefficiencies previously unnoticed.

Planning is crucial. So, before you make the move, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have you got a virtual model of your new data center environment? This will help allocate the right amount of space needed for each asset. A 3D floor visualization can uncover issues that need to be addressed. Datacenter migration incurs high costs, so identifying infrastructure requirements ahead of time is crucial.

  2. Have you underestimated power capacity? Neglecting power can create problems in the long run. Purchase the right power consumption monitors to make sure you don’t go wrong. Remember, data centers are among the highest consumers of electric power. Unplanned downtime due to outages is a common problem in enterprise data center migrations and impacts the business.

  3. Have you got the right hardware in place? Install hardware before the actual migration as this will help plan the space better. Install blanking panels, door locks, temperature, humidity, and power monitoring systems beforehand to prevent incorrect installations.

  4. Have you thought about latency issues? Servers are usually migrated in batches and therefore it is important to ensure applications sharing a local connection maintain connectivity. Latency is one of the most underrated data center migration challenges but needs to be taken into account to avoid unnecessary delays.

  5. Have you paid attention to labeling? This is another underestimated challenge when it comes to data center migration, often overlooked but critical. Incorrect labeling can lead to improper installations and connections.

  6. Is your data backed up? If not done right, it can create downtime and performance issues, which will impact business operations. Ensure all data is backed up before the migration.

  7. Have you tested everything? After the migration, it is important to test the hardware to see that it is all in proper working conduction. Only then is your migration successful.

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