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Plug in to the right equipment to keep your data center safe from electrical hazards

Just one little electrical hiccup. A spark that lasts less than a second. That’s all it takes to bring a data center down, resulting in losses that can sometimes mount to millions of dollars. An arc blast — the result of a malfunction in high-powered electrical equipment — can cause injury and equipment damage as well as downtime. Electrical mishaps can happen at any data center, which is why electrical safety awareness is needed at every level.

Downtime losses need to be minimized and uptime guarantees met at data centers. And one of the ways to do that is by assessing and avoiding electrical risks.

What are some of the electrical risks?

  1. Over-or underpowered equipment and over-or underpowered power supplies

  2. Incorrectly shutting off or reenergize circuits, racks, or aisles

  3. Insufficient knowledge at the staff level of power supply setups

  4. Inability to deal with material failure

  5. Negligent maintenance procedures

  6. Complete lack of electrical knowledge

So, how do you avoid electrical hazards?


Identify the electrical risks and hazards, and then work on eliminating them by taking proper precautions. Training, training, and more training is necessary for all staff to ensure that electrical risks are minimized. By following standard protocol mandated with the use of electrical equipment, one can develop safe work practices that protect staff by reducing exposure to electrical hazards.

Follow protocol

Data center operators should follow critical safety standards for working on electrical equipment. Standards include creating a safety program with defined responsibilities, explaining the correct use of PPE to workers, and mandating the delivery of safety training. Good safety standards enable staff to take the necessary precautions when it comes to handling the high-powered equipment in a data center.

Invest in the best

Creating a smart, responsive data center is the way to go to minimize human error. Investing in equipment and accessories that remotely monitor power and temperature at a data center can help minimize damage from electrical failure. The right power distribution unit, for instance, can monitor and track energy usage in a data center and this means not only can power consumption be optimized but one can determine if units are being over or under-powered. Temperature monitoring units can alert you if temperature thresholds are exceeded, which can also lead to electrical hazards.

Working with the right equipment manufacturer and distributor as well as the right service provider can go a long way in ensuring the smooth functioning of a data center. Hardy Racks has PDUs and temperature monitoring units that can help you optimize and regulate power usage at the data center. Contact us today to learn more.

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