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Reasons to Choose the Premium Perforated Server Racks from Hardy

At Hardy Racks, quality, safety, and efficiency are three parameters that we never compromise on. And this is not just something we say in our marketing campaigns. See, for yourself – these reasons make our 42U server rack a best seller and a hot favorite among our customers and suppliers.

CE-Certified Product

All our server racks, including the 42U, are CE certified – which is the seal of trust that indicates that our products conform to all requisite standards. What’s more, Hardy Racks itself is an ISO certified company with exceptional quality standards in processes and procedures.

Perforated Doors

The Hardy server racks come perforated front and back doors, with a total perforation of 86%, the highest in the industry. This is an excellent and cost-free way to dissipate over 3.5 Kilowatts of heat from the rack while allowing the free inflow of cool air.

Sturdy Build

Don’t let the perforated doors fool you into thinking this is a flimsy server rack, because the premium perforated server racks from Hardy are made with a heavy-duty metal body. The 42U racks come with an impressive load-bearing capacity of up to 1200 kilograms!

Space-efficient Design

At the back, the server rack is fitted with two split doors as opposed to a single door. This makes it easy to open and access the rack from the back, even if it is facing a wall. In the front, we have a stylish, rotary handle that can be tucked in when not in use, saving valuable aisle space in small server rooms.

Tool-Free Installation

To ensure absolute ease-of-use during the installation and dismantling process, the server racks are designed with a one-click feature that requires no screws or any other tools! You need technical or expert support in the process.

Detachable Side Panels

Just like the removable front and back doors, the side panels of the server racks also can be easily removed with a simple lock twist motion. This means that you can easily transport, assemble, or dismantle the 42U giant with absolute ease!

Sticker-free Numbering

If you work in data center maintenance and troubleshooting, you know how important it is to have numbered U-positions within the server rack. But numbering that uses stickers can be frustrating because they can either fall off or be tampered with. That’s why, our server racks come with sticker-free numbering – both from the top to bottom and bottom to top!

Multiple Cable Entries

With 5 cable entries on the top and 5 cable entries at the bottom, the Hardy Racks server racks come prepared to simplify cable management for you. With this, our server rack can easily be adapted to suit data centers with raised flooring or false flooring setup. The rack also comes with a dedicated space for vertically mounting one or more PDUs.

Multiple Grounding Points

A proper grounding system is critical to a data center – for safety, compliance, optimal network availability, and equipment long life. That’s why our server racks come with 6 points of grounding at the bottom and 1 point of grounding at the top of the rack. 

Interested in knowing more? Download the brochure or get in touch with us now!

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