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Regulate Airflow In Your Server Rack for Better Energy Efficiency

The temperature in a server room is always of utmost importance, where even a slight variation can result in significant damage and, along with it, some unnecessary downtime and expenses. Server room managers are often tasked with opting for the right equipment to cool the data center but miss out on the need to zero in on positions where hot air gets released and cool air comes in contact with it.

Managing the airflow within a server room is as crucial as choosing the right cooling solutions to keep the temperature and humidity levels optimal. And believe it or not, server racks play a major role in ensuring this! When chosen carefully (keeping the server room’s size, the number of servers, the location, and so on in mind) and set up with airflow management accessories, server racks can do a stellar job in managing the server room’s airflow, ensuring better energy efficiency, lowering electric bills, and even preventing servers from crashing.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re getting the best out of your server racks:

> If your rack has any open space, it is susceptible to hot air getting mixed with the cold air. This can pose quite a challenge to maintaining optimal temperatures and can be prevented by installing blanking panels that will prevent hot air from entering through the gaps.

> Installing blanking panels is not enough, especially if the server room is in a badly ventilated area. This is where server rack fans come into the picture. These fans can be fitted directly into the racks to enhance airflow and eliminate hot spots.

> It’s important to seal airflow in places that are vulnerable to forming hot air pockets. In these areas, installing a horizontal rack fan helps perform the job of a blanking panel as well as a regular rack fan tray.

> Controlling the temperature, especially for an open server rack frame, can be done via side panels. Much like blanking panels, side panels ensure that the hot air and cold air do not mix.

> In the past, server racks had glass front-doors as a way to keep the equipment cool. However, it was later discovered that such doors trap air within them and lead to the mismanagement of airflow. Enter perforated front doors – designed to ensure effective cooling and has proven to be a good server rack strategy for energy efficiency as it optimizes the airflow and eliminates thermal short circuits and hot spots.

Data centers and server rooms may require different cooling mechanisms, but airflow is an important aspect to focus on in both. Taking care of airflow efficiency without taking up too much in terms of additional operational costs and energy consumption can be made easy with the right airflow management tools and high-quality equipment.

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