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Simple yet advanced

Monitor environmental, power, and security for a single rack

The sensorProbe1+ (SP1+) is a compact device. Equipped with a dry contact I/O, an intelligent sensor port, and a built-in temperature sensor on 5ft cable. It runs the same user interface as the rest of the sensorProbe+ product line, with all the same features such as IPV6, SNMPV3, Radius, TACACS, Modbus TCP/IP, and up to 80 virtual sensors.

Connect the sensor splitter box with cabinet thermal maps and contactless current meter, and you have a complete monitoring solution for your rack. Monitor temperature front and rear, top middle, and bottom. Check your ∆T, humidity, and current consumption. Utilize the dry contact for door contacts, and virtual sensors to monitor third party devices installed in the rack.

With PoE built in as standard, the additional 5VDC USB power input can be used as the primary source of power with PoE as backup power.

Technical Drawing


Smart Rack


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