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The world’s best environmental monitoring solution just got better

IP Based SNMP Sensor Monitoring Device

The SPX+ is a versatile IP based sensor monitoring device. Connect up to 16 of AKCP’s intelligent sensors, 20x dry contact I/O’s, 0-5VDC or 4-20mAmp inputs, control relay outputs and monitor third party devices.

  • Equipped with Ethernet, Modbus RS485, EXP and BEB communications

  • Compatible with SPX+ EXP and BEB units, expand the capabilities of your device.

  • 1U rackmount brackets, Tool-less 0U mounting or DIN rail mounting options.

  • Notification by SNMP, Email, SMS and built in buzzer.

  • Compatible with all AKCP Intelligent sensors.

  • Start with base configuration and build up your device with modules you need.

  • Up to 80 virtual sensors.

Mean Time Between Failure – MTBF

AKCP is the oldest and largest data center environmental monitoring company in the world. Along the way we have introduced many hardware platforms and have learned many lessons. The SPX+ is our latest platform and incorporates our accumulated knowledge on how to build reliable, rugged embedded systems.

Since its recent release, the SPX+ has grown to an installed base of approximately 5,000 base units. On average we have 4 hardware failures per year that require RMA replacement. That is to say that the SPX+ is operating for 43,800,000 hours for every 4 failures. That is a MTBF of 10,950,000 hours. The sensors have an approximately similar record of durability.

The reason that this failure rate is so low is by design. The SPX+ was created for rugged environments. The components used in the SPX+ can withstand high-temperature environments because they generate very little heat. The SPX+ operates on 1 Watt of power. This stands in contrast to larger systems running more complex, and less reliable operating systems such as Linux.

Typical small computers often run at 300 Watts requiring a fan. The SPX+ doesn’t need fans or special cooling. The case is built from Aluminum, not plastic. The SPX+ has been tested in environmental chambers to be able to operate reliably at 70° C. During the manufacture every SPX+ is tested, then burned in for 96 hours in order to eliminate infant mortality. The system is put into stock awaiting a customer order.

AKCP is not only rugged in hardware, it is rugged in software. Rather than relying on large, untested, and unmaintainable open source projects, we write our own applications. This is more difficult but results in superior performance. We can maintain the code because we wrote it ourselves. If there is a bug that needs fixing, we can fix it. If there is a feature that needs adding. We can add it. This is not possible in larger systems relying on third-party applications


sensor4 Additional sensor ports can be added to the base SPX+ module in blocks of 4. sensor4 modules are compatible with all AKCP intellligent sensors. Build a cost effective monitoring platform, able to monitor multiple cabinets from a single IP address.

Module Code :- S

Dry10/20 Dry contact modules come in several flavors. IO modules, and isolated input only. Use dry contacts for monitoring a variety of third aprty devices, door contact sensors, digital outputs from UPS, control panels and alarm panels. Use IO dry contacts to actuate responses to inputs.

Module Codes :- D1, D1i, D1iV, D2, D2i, D2iV

AC Voltage Detection Monitor 10x or 20x AC Voltage inputs, detect if circuits are energized or not. This module does not give a votlage reading, only the presence or absence of AC Voltage. Voltage range is 5-30ACV @ 44mA.

Module Codes :- D1ACV, D2ACV

Cellular Modem and Optional GPS The cellular data modem module gives the SPX+ ability to communicate over a cellular data network. An external antenna ensures a good signal can be received even if the SPX+ is inside a cabinet. Send SMS alerts directly from the SPX+ device, or connect it to our central monitoring platform, AKCPro Server, via a VPN connection. Cellular modems are available in 4G European and US bands. Optional GPS antenna can be added for geolocation of the device.

Module Codes :- MA, ME, M4A, M4E / GPS

4x Analog to Digital inputs This module is ideal for connecting third party analog sensors with a 0-5VDC or 4-20mAmp scale output. Many industrial sensors are available with this scale output, opening up the possibilities of monitoring many different sensors not provided by AKCP.

Module Code :- A2D4, A2D4 (4-20)

4x Mini Relays This module includes 4x mini DC relays. Use them to switch on/off low current devices directly, or use them to drive larger relays. Ideal for systems and control, building and industrial automation.

Module Code :- 4MR

2x Mini Relay and 2x Analog to Digital inputs This module is a combination of the above modules, with 2x relays and 2x 0-5VDC or 4-20mA analog sensor inputs.

Module Code :- A2DMR, A2DMR (4-20)

Ball Valve Control Module If you have DC motors or electronically controlled ball valves which require polarity reversal to turn in the opposite direction, this module is applicable. Ideal for water irrigation or industrial applications which require valve and motor controls.

Module Code :- VC

Internal UPS (4x AA rechargable batteries) This module provides backup internal power supplied by 4x AA rechargable batteries (batteries not included). Ideal for use in situations where poiwer may be unstable, to esnrue continued logging of data. Combine with a 3G or 4G modem for continued alerts even if your network is down.

Module Code :- UPS

Standard Configs


Smart Rack


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