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Setting up your Server Room? Here are 3 ways to plan for scalability

Setting up a server room is a major exercise – among the hardest tasks that a company can undertake. Failing to plan for scalability can result in needless repetition of the process within a few years or even months.

Here are three easy changes you can make while setting up your server room, to ensure that it can grow as your business does.

1. Buy server racks that give you room to grow

When buying your server racks, you already know their internal dimensions. There’s a tendency to opt for “just right” sizing, to minimize wastage. However, this precludes the possibility of scaling up.

Rather than buy a rack that precisely accommodates the servers you already require today, choose one that offers some space for you to grow. Buy server racks at least 10% bigger than you need. 

You could also consider a modular setup. Modular server racks can help you add on additional cabinets or racks more easily. 

2. Use patch panels

By using a simple patch panel, you can create the potential of additional connections. Choose a large patch panel with sufficient open ports. Assuming the panel has sufficient ports, new cables and new connections can be made when needed, without needing much new cabling.

The patch panels can connect to any new or additional hardware, which includes a new rack of servers. 

3. Have a contingency plan in place

If you find that despite all your planning, you can’t easily accommodate additional load on the racks or on the power supply, you might find a modular data center a useful addition to the server room.

This is effectively a plug-and-play data center, with all required hardware pre-installed and pre-tested in a single unit. The only thing it requires is space to set it up, and space around it for cooling and maintenance.

If you find that there’s not enough space to add on racks or data centers, you could upgrade each server to a larger capacity. While this comes with obvious drawbacks, you can meet an increased server demand without adding on any other hardware. It’s important to remember that an increased draw on the server comes with an increased demand on electricity and cooling.

Work with a professional consultant to get server room design right, not just for your present demand but for the long haul. Trust us when you say you don’t want to repeat the exercise unnecessarily! Call Hardy Racks for a consultation today!

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