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The SmartLock by Hardy Racks provides server racks and their equipment with unprecedented security against physical breaches through biometric- or card-based access. In this way, it not only prevents unauthorized access at the server rack level but also identifies anyone who may be abusing their access.


  • Every single data center rack door can be protected with a SmartLock

  • Compatible with any brand and can replace any existing lock

  • Compatible with server racks of all sizes

  • Compatible with most RFID reading systems used to authenticate access

  • SmartLock is easy to retrofit without any expensive/complicated procedures

  • Clean, noise-free, quick installation process

  • In situ modification without the need to move racks or hinder functions

  • Plug-and-play sensor technology allows data to be transferred to any DCIM or security software

  • Greater security and better accountability is assured by SmartLock

  • Anonymous access to server racks is eliminated

  • Biometric- or card-based authentication records details of personnel who wish to open/access each rack

  • Data encryption with sophisticated algorithms to ensure that they are not easy hackable or re-creatable

At Hardy Racks, we understand your need for an easily deployable, cost-efficient, and compatible physical security system. That’s exactly what SmartLock offers!

For more information, get in touch with us.


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