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The Modular Advantage: Build your Data Center Amidst COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, data centers are now playing a crucial role in keeping the rest of the world connected – online – and in business. Even as many companies continue to work from home and leverage cloud technology solutions, public cloud providers – including giants like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services – are expanding with the help of data centers, especially in South-East Asia.

While this is good news for data centers, the sudden increase in demand and the limitations imposed by lockdowns are creating challenges. Data center construction has been halted in a number of locations and supply chains are choking up.

This is where deploying plug-and-play modular data centers can come to the rescue and enable continued operations despite the COVID-19 crisis.

What are modular data centers?

A modular data center could be as small as a single rack or be made up of many server racks. However, every single rack will function as an independent facility in itself – in-built with all the essentials of a data center. It comprises systems (primarily hardware) that are pre-tested and pre-installed into a unit, so there is virtually no deployment time.

Why opt for a modular data center?

  1. They are engineered on the concept of compartmentalization and can act as effective building blocks to expand your data center.

  2. They can be quickly installed on site, with little requirement for any other infrastructure and minimal labour.

  3. They can be set up anywhere, as they come in-built with enclosures for servers, cooling systems, power backup and efficient security and access-control systems. 

  4. Due to their ‘plug-and-play’ functionality, new facilities can be set up in a matter of hours, instead of weeks or months.

  5. With each unit acting as an individual and independent component, as few or as many can be added to scale up/down the data center.

Expand your existing data center or build a new one with modular data centers from Hardy Racks. Get in touch with us for more information.

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