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The right power distribution unit can increase data center efficiency by leaps and bounds

To improve efficiency of your data center, a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) — which is a device that can effectively control and distribute electricity to different units — is the only way to go. PDUs are essentially industrial-grade power strips. They are vital to the functioning of today’s data centers.

What are the different types of PDUs?

 A rack-mounted PDU mounts directly into the equipment rack. This way it can monitor and control the power supply to specific servers, switches, and other data center devices. There are different types of rack PDUs. So, let’s break them down for you.

A basic PDU is a power strip that accurately distributes the correct voltage and current to multiple outlets. Then comes the Monitored PDU, which displays current electric information (the information though can only be viewed locally not remotely).

Switched PDUs work like a master switch, allowing you to remotely toggle power on and off for individual power outputs.

Among the more advanced PDUs – often termed ‘intelligent’ PDUs — is the Metered Input PDU. This type of intelligent rack PDU displays metered power locally and remotely, thereby helping to prevent circuit overloading and calculate power usage effectiveness.

Metered Outlet PDUs, which also display locally and remotely, can accurately tell you power usage as well as available capacity at the rack level, thereby helping to optimize power consumption. Hardy Racks for instance offers metered PDUs.

Why is it important to choose the right PDU?

Choosing the right PDU can help you reduce costs, increase energy efficiency, lower your carbon footprint, and most important, enhance your return on investment.

Data center management companies world over have evaluated the importance of choosing the right PDU, which is why the Data Center Rack PDU Market, which was valued at USD 578.55 Million in 2018, is projected to reach USD 1,048.84 Million by 2026. That’s a CAGR of 7.68%.

Why are metered PDUs popular?

It’s because they tell you real-time power consumption data, enabling optimum management of power. Think of the resources saved by this little device.

There are four ways metered PDUs allow companies to conserve resources

  1. Metered PDUs are cost-effective Metered rack PDUs have a higher operating temperature – up to 140°F/60°C – meaning a big cut to the cooling cost of your facility. Also, they are lightweight and their aluminum chassis dissipates heat efficiently.

  2. Metered PDUs are space saving A metered PDU is vertically mounted inside or on the side of a server rack or enclosure. They are designed to utilize space that would otherwise go unused. They are easy to install and offer a choice of mounting positions thereby making them space saving.

  3. Metered PDUs are easy to maintain The simple design of metered PDUs allows full access to all rack-mounted equipment. They incorporate swappable components, which can be fitted or exchanged without interrupting supply. It also means individual servers can be remotely restarted, thereby making the power system efficient and with minimal risk of error.

  4. Metered PDUs are accurate Metered PDUs allow users to quickly determine exactly where energy is being used and determine how to enhance efficiency. Accurate metering also simplifies load balancing and reveals locations where there’s spare power capacity.

Hardy Racks PDUs are metered and can monitor and track power usage in a data center, thereby helping you make informed decisions on power consumption. To understand more about how to be power efficient with the right PDU, contact Hardy Racks today. Power up, power smart.


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