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The role of PDUs in data center load shedding

Data Centers are becoming smarter than ever before and smart IT equipment is playing a crucial role in achieving this end goal. An important aspect of making data centers more efficient is finding ways of improving the uptime for time-critical operations. This ensures that sensitive data is not lost and operations are not interrupted at a critical stage. Smart Data Centers help you stay prepared even for the most challenging situations all the while keeping costs under control.

Infrastructure and load shedding 

Infrastructure plays a very important role in creating efficient data centers that can perform even in the most challenging conditions. Within a critical operation, operators must have a thorough knowledge of which of their devices or components are more or less crucial at the moment. Once the distinction has been made, smart load shedding must be performed to withdraw power from less-critical components and focus it on the more important components. 

The role of PDUs

PDUs or Power Distribution Units can help achieve smart load shedding. When we use switched rack PDUs, they allow the capacity to selectively turn off outlets of the rack PDU, providing flexibility and greater control. 

Smart load shedding in PDUs is in no way a new concept. Back in the late 2000s, it was done by communicating with the PDUs using a network connection and then using the connection to shed the load. This was done so that the UPS batteries would last longer and support the most important equipment for longer. 

What can be managed?

The different sensors or factors that can be configured to prompt load shedding in a PDU are the condition of the batteries (in the case where the system is on battery), the temperature levels, the current load and the branch load. 

Types of load shedding

Rack PDUs allow different setups for different types of load shedding. These range from line, branch to sensor load shedding. Sensor load shedding becomes expressly useful in the case of fluctuations in environmental conditions. In cases where temperatures reach temperatures that can harm the equipment or water enters into the data center equipment, load shedding can be initiated to protect data. You can also configure event logs to ensure the sequence of events following the command for load shedding is properly documented. 

If you are looking for more smart solutions for your data centers or are still curious about the role of PDUs in your space, then you can simply reach out to us. We understand that a simple tweak in your infrastructure design can go a long way when determining the functionality and security of a data center and will be thrilled to be a part of your data centers transformation.  

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