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Three big little secrets to managing a data center

24/7/365. That’s how long and hard your servers work to keep your data center up and running and your businesses booming. This is why proper maintenance of server hardware ensures a longer life span and decreased risk of problems. But while maintenance is one aspect, choosing the right accessories to ensure the smooth functioning of a data center is another crucial one, as is reaching out for the right advice.

Let’s explore these three important aspects further:

Regular Maintenance

Data centers can either encompass a full building, part of one, or even multiple buildings. Different tiers exist, from a basic server room to a robust environment complete with numerous systems that operate uninterrupted for an indefinite time. Modern data centers rely on powerful technologies to manage an organization’s data, which is why you need policies in place to maintain efficiency, security, and performance.

The practice of routine preventative maintenance is crucial to a data center. This includes updating company operating systems and applications, auditing data backups, testing security systems, reviewing storage, inspecting hardware for component failures, and so on.

This also means ensuring that your servers are getting clean and have ample power supplies to make sure there is no overloading or over-working of units. Hardy Racks offers power distribution units and fiber raceways that can help keep your servers at optimum efficiencies.

The best accessories

When it comes to servers and accessories choosing the right ones can make all the difference. For instance when it comes to racks, the amount of perforation in the front and rear is important as this is what can help prevent your server from overheating. You also need to ensure the racks are sturdy and space-efficient. Imagine a rack that is perforated but has an impressive load-bearing capacity of up to 1200 kilograms (well, Hardy Racks supplies these).

Another accessory that is often overlooked is the high-density cable manager. The need for high-density connectivity in data centers makes cabling systems important as improper cable management can lead to performance issues, data transmission errors, and system downtime.

From servers, racks, and network connectivity infrastructure to monitoring structures and fire protection systems, choose well.

The right advice

Setting up and running a data center is not easy, but with the right experts at hand, it can be. There are several data center consulting services that can help you with everything from site selection and assessment, temperature requirements, data center layout, and design, power and cooling efficiency analysis, budgeting, and more.

Data centers have moved beyond being just an additional storage facility. In fact, they have emerged as a key business parameter. Precision, vision, passion and innovation, and cost-effective implementation are all needed when it comes to commissioning a data center as data is the most critical asset of any organization.

Leverage scale and dominate the market with the right expertise.

Hardy Racks offers data center consulting services as well as accessories of the highest quality that can help your business stay ahead of the curve. Contact us today.


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