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Time for a checklist on data center equipment requirements

India’s colocation data center industry is expected to double by 2023, says a report in the Economic Times. Imagine the requirement for not just real estate but also state-of-the-art hardware and accessories. Clearly, data center hardware and equipment are in the spotlight like never before.

This brings us to the point of what equipment leads to efficient functioning.

First up, are the server racks of course. 

Choosing the right server racks makes it easier to scale up a data center as well as organize space more efficiently, and defend against unauthorized access/use. You also need to ensure server racks are designed to optimize airflow.

Second, temperature control equipment.

This is one of the most important aspects of a data center. Computer and server equipment will run optimally only if the temperature (between 59 degrees Fahrenheit and 89.6 degrees F) and humidity levels (relative humidity levels are usually at 20% to 80%) are at a certain level. Too hot or too cold is going to result in too much downtime or too much power consumption. Ensure temperature monitoring units are placed in the right spots to take temperature and humidity readings.

Third, power distribution units.

Equipment in a data center from servers and routers to switches requires large amounts of electricity, so if there is a brief interruption of power, all the equipment goes down. This then results in many hours of downtime, not to mention how it can damage the equipment. Ensure you have a large battery backup system so the equipment remains unaffected even if the commercial power drops. Also, ensure that you have the right power distribution units in place to monitor and track energy usage. These can help you make informed decisions regarding optimizing power consumption.

Fourth, cable management.

Nothing beats a well-thought-out cable management strategy. Before adding any equipment to a data center, it is important to have the right cable management equipment. In data centers today, high-density cable managers are what is used to manage the high power levels. Proper cable management kits help keep the cables properly organized and safer so there is a lower risk of an outage. A well-executed cable management plan can improve the way the entire facility operates by leaps and bounds.

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