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Two Post Open Racks



The Two Post Open Racks by Hardy Racks are used in high-density environments like data centers, labs and networking sites.


The high rigidity of these frames is achieved through their vertical frames that are made out of aluminum or steel sheet profiles which are then individually powder coated before being bolted. The load-bearing capacity is further increased by using two top angles and heavy-duty assembly hardware.

These racks are also easy to assemble, thanks to the high-quality fasteners used in the design. Furthermore, the powder coating ensures protection against corrosion by aluminium oxidation, apart from adding finesse to the design by allowing uniformity in appearance.


The whole process is undertaken in the highest quality manufacturing conditions to create a durable product that can withstand increased usage. The racks boast a high-strength, lightweight construction, owing to the use of aluminum extrusion/IS 513-grade steel sheets.

The racks have been manufactured to reduce installation time through the use of M6/12-24/cage nut M6 mounting screws which are used in combination with Phillips/Straight heads and pilot points/ cage nuts. The panel mounting holes present are M6/12-24/cage nuts with M6 threads in both flanges.

The design of the holes is engineered to ensure conductivity with the rack and eliminate separate grounding strips by introducing conductive M6 tapped/12-24/cage nut M6 DIN standard holes. The racks have numbered U positions and a static weight capacity of 1200 Kgs, as long as the weight is evenly distributed


The two variants available in the Two Post Open Racks are 42U and 45U. Additionally, you can also choose between the grounding and bonding options in racks. Further customisation is facilitated through flexible configuration and assembly by special order.

Market Standards

The two post open racks conform to DIN 41494 or Equivalent ISO standards. The compatibility of the racks is 100% assured with equipment pertaining to the general industry standard or DIN 41494.


The additional features of these racks include:

  • Cable Organisers

  • Power Distribution Units

  • Shelves

  • Rack Ground Kit

  • Cable Runways

  • Extended Legs/Casters

Technical Data:

Rack Standard

Conforms to DIN 41494 or equivalent standard

Basic Frame

Aluminum Section/ Steel Sheet

Rack Construction

CKD (Knockdown)

Equipment Mounting

DIN Standard M6 Taped holes

Standard Mounting


Standard Finish

Powder Coating

Standard Color

RAL 9005 Black

Static Load

1200 kgs

Part Code & Dimensions:

Part Code

Total Height in mm (H)

Usable Height in U (h)

Total Width in mm (W)

Usable Width in inches (w)

Total Depth in mm (D)













1 U = 44.45 mm/ 1.75 Inch

Note : Overall Height= Frame Height+ Plinth.

Other models can be manufactured on request.

All dimensions are in mm

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