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What makes Fiber Raceways so Essential

Today, Fiber Optic Cables dominate data markets across the globe for data transmission in both residential and industrial settings. This rapid acceptance of fiber optic cables can be attributed to the fact that they offer unparalleled speeds and high flexibility. Having said that, the maintenance for fiber optic cables can tend to drain time and money, if the cables are not installed and secured properly. This is where fiber raceways come in.

Fiber Raceways are plastic conduits which are used to manage, route and protect the fiber optic cables. Fiber Raceways have manifold benefits when setting up and running a data centre and can help optimize operations in a major way. Following are a few of the benefits offered by fiber raceways:

Hassle-Free Cable Management

Fiber Raceways allow easy cable management through their tough exterior and colour coding which allows them to be easily distinguishable from the copper cables. They keep individual fiber optic cables segregated and prevent any possible damage or accidents that might be caused due to the cables interacting with each other.

Sturdy Cable Protection

Fiber Raceways are conduits with a tough exterior that protect the fiber optic cables from external retardants. These retardants can be anything from factors like extreme temperatures to rodent infestations, an increase in moisture and other physical factors that might otherwise affect the optimal working of the setup. The high quality and standard of these systems also ensure that they last for long periods of time.

Faster Data Center Set Up

Fiber Raceways are designed to expedite the installation process and therefore come with pre-slotted ducts and accessories. More often than not, they need to be simply snapped together to get the desired shape and placement of your raceways before you are ready to go. This also means that disassembling these is also comparatively easy and reduces the risk of harming the optic fibers, in case you decide to move your data centre or change the layout.

Reduced Down Time

In case a part of the network of your breaks down, you can easily fix or replace the chosen segment of fiber raceways without having to touch the rest of the setup. This means that the time taken during the fixing of the problem and getting the system back up and running decreases exponentially, reducing downtime significantly.

Eco Friendly

Fiber raceways are often made out of highly recyclable materials which make them the right choice for the modern business. They do not put an unnecessary load on the planet and when you are done using your fiber raceways, you can always send them to be recycled or get them upcycled and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

So make your data center smarter and more organised by installing a fiber raceway network that enhances performance and durability. Hardy Racks offers high quality fiber raceways that can add value to your data center. Talk to us today!


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