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Why Rack-based Temperature Monitoring is Essential for your Data Center

Rack-based temperature monitoring is the practice of using thermometers or other devices within the server racks so that they can be manually or automatically regulated to maintain optimum levels. If you don’t have a rack-based temperature monitoring system within your data center, here are a few reasons to get you thinking about it.

Sub-optimal temperatures can damage your equipment

Computer systems and servers are designed to work best in specific temperatures, not exceeding 24 degrees C. At the same time, the equipment themselves release a certain amount of heat that can become self-damaging if the temperature around the equipment is not maintained consciously and optimally. High temperatures pose the risk of equipment failure and meltdown, which can further result in unexpected downtime.

Downtime is costly

Uncontrolled temperature is the second most common environmental factor contributing to unexpected downtime in a data center. Between 2010 and 2016 – a matter of six years – data center downtime costs shot up by 38%, and the trend is likely to continue in the upward direction in the coming years as well. If an average downtime lasts for about 90 minutes, every minute of it contributes heavily to the costs – including that of employee productivity in the companies of data center clients.

Many businesses run solely on the cloud today

One of the major reasons why downtime has become so costly is that more and more businesses are entirely dependent on cloud technology today. For example, a single minute of downtime represents 100 minutes of downtime in a company with 100 employees. Moreover, with the world embracing the internet culture, work-from-home situations becoming the norm, downtime can have a tremendous impact on productivity and revenue.

Air conditioning is not enough

Sure, your data center is fitted with HVAC systems, heat exhausts, and other cooling elements. However, while these air conditioning systems within the data center do work towards maintaining optimal ambient temperature, they are not capable of detecting or remedying heat issues that arise within the confines of a server rack. By the time the heat released from the equipment reaches high enough to alter the overall ambient temperature, it might be too late.

Monitoring temperature at the rack level

Since temperatures vary from rack to rack within the same data center, rack-level monitoring is the most effective way to prevent the risk of damage due to overheating. But how do you ensure that the temperature doesn’t creep up while you are not paying attention?

Introducing the rack-based temperature monitoring system from Hardy Racks – an intelligent system that offers round-the-clock monitoring and sends out both an audible alarm as well as a message notification when temperatures rise favorable levels. With this system, you will lose no time in addressing the issue – whether you are at the data center or somewhere away. To know more, download the brochure or get in touch with us!


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