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Why the right lock is key to the security of your data center

You’ve got your firewalls and cyber security measures in place to fend off the meanest cyber-attacks, yet why is it that your data center is still at threat?

It’s possibly because while you’ve been focusing on the virtual locks in your data center, you’ve missed the on-premises ones that are still a security weak spot.

At data centers, physical site security is as important as cyber security. And we don’t just mean from the outside in terms of people being allowed access and so on, but also the locks and keys that protect your data center hardware like your server cabinets.

At several data centers, operations managers still use the locks and keys originally supplied with the data cabinets. Now, this can get a little tricky if you are handling a large data center, where you need an audit trail of every key issued and every staff member that has access to it. And think of the nightmare that ensues if a key is stolen!

That’s where smart locks come into play. You could call smart locks the secure, flexible, and functional evolution of mechanical locks. Smart locks are simple to use and can be operated manually or controlled remotely, which makes it easier for data center managers to operate and monitor.

Just like with mechanical locks, smart locks too have a key. Only instead of a mechanical key, it works using wireless protocol and a virtual cryptographic key.

If you take the SmartLock by Hardy Racks, for instance, it provides server racks and their equipment with security against physical breaches through biometric- or card-based access. That means greater security and better accountability.

The Hardy Racks SmartLock, which is compatible with server racks of all sizes, allows every data center rack door to be protected. Its plug-and-play sensor technology allows data to be transferred to any DCIM or security software.

In short, smart locks help maintain multi-layer site security in a simpler, more convenient, and effective manner. And clearly, trusted enough for their market size to be growing exponentially. 

The global market for smart locks is estimated at USD 1.64 billion (it was USD 1.38 billion in 2020). It is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.4% from 2021 to 2028, accelerated in most part by the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Access the report at

If you would like more information on SmartLock options for your data center to keep your hardware just as safe as your data, do get in touch with Hardy Racks.


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