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Why Wall-mounted Cabinets are a Smart Choice for Small-scale Server Infrastructure

Server storage can quickly become a hassle if proper prior research is not conducted – problems like weakened security, physical damage and overheating can result from an improper server installation and storage infrastructure. Wall-mounted cabinets are a great way to alleviate the above issues and to make storage smarter. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider wall-mounted cabinets for your servers, especially for small-scale requirements. 

Space Management

Space management is a constant challenge when installing and storing servers in IT units. Not all companies and organisations can afford to dedicate floor space to cabinets and racks and that’s where wall-mounted cabinets enter the picture. When you mount the cabinets on the walls, they free up the floor space, keeping your space more tidy and manageable. Also, since you have the option of running all the wiring through the walls, you can enjoy clean floors which present no tripping hazard. 

Reduced Overheating Risk

When wall mounting is done properly; with strong, insulated cabinets, it brings down the risk of overheating exponentially. By simply moving the hardware away from the ground, in discrete segments which you can open and shut individually, you make management easier which helps prevent overheating. Additionally, any overheating can also be detected faster, thus helping prevent damage. 

Easy Access

Accessing a room full of cables and large, beeping machines can soon turn into a nightmare if it is not managed properly. Problems like poor server management due to lack of access, undetected rodent infestations, and so on can be easily prevented through distinct wall-mounted cabinets for your storage, where you can access your equipment by simply walking up to the cabinet. 

Improved Security

Server security is a high priority for any organization, both physical and digital. The physical part of the process can be taken care of by installing wall-mounted cabinets, which generally come fitted with safety locks – making sure that they cannot be accessed by unauthorized people, improving the overall security of the system. 

Increased Flexibility

When you decide to mount your equipment in wall-mounted cabinets, it lends a lot of flexibility to your entire setup. With small, manageable units, it is easy to scale up your infrastructure in small increments as your requirements grow. Limited floor space should no longer remain an issue when dealing with server equipment. 

Now that you do know how wall-mounted cabinets can benefit your small-scale server requirements, the only thing left to do is to start planning! Get in touch with Hardy Racks for a customized solution to suit your exact requirements.

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