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You’ve secured your servers. Have you secured your Server Racks?

When most people talk about data security, the conversation starts and ends with deploying powerful software solutions which protect your network and data center from breaches. Physical protection of critical data takes the back seat at most organizations. 

However, data shows us that physical breaches account for almost 55% of all security breaches (Source: IBM 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, Figure 5). And these breaches are costly – both in terms of money as well as business consequences. 

Assuming that your data center has a primary level of security wherein only the designated staff are allowed to enter your data center, you are still at the risk of your own employees trafficking critical information from your servers. Therefore, it also becomes crucial for you to monitor privilege abuse among your employees. 

In such situations where data security breaches are carried out by members of the organization, the damage can be more extensive. Like we have all been told, prevention is better than cure and this is why modernization of the physical security deployed at your data center should be carried out at the server rack unit level.

At Hardy Racks, we believe that the physical security of a data center should be planned and budgeted for at the time of designing the data center. However, if your organization already has a data center – but one that is not yet physically protected – you can install smart locks which will provide an unprecedented level of protection against physical breaches.

Introducing the Hardy Racks SmartLock

Hardy Rack’s SmartLock system provides you with the highest level of physical security, made possible at the server rack unit level. Every single rack door in your data center can now be protected with a SmartLock. This intelligent solution is easy to retrofit on all server racks, without any expensive or complicated installation procedures. This way, you can continue to run your data center seamlessly while drastically improving the physical security of your data center.

The SmartLock enables either access card based or biometric based authentication of any personnel who wish to open and access a server rack. This ensures that anonymous access to a server rack is eliminated, greatly increasing accountability and security.

Since it is built with a plug and play sensor technology, the SmartLock can be installed in a way that allows data to be transferred to any DCIM or security software while still ensuring the physical safety of the individual racks. The solution has also been built with regulatory compliance in mind, ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about while installing SmartLock. 

Our SmartLock is also compatible with most of the RFID reading systems used by most companies to authenticate access. The data being transmitted to the access control and DCIM software are encrypted with sophisticated algorithms to ensure that they are not easy hackable or re-creatable.

At Hardy Racks, we understand that organizations need a physical security solution that is easily deployable, cost-efficient, and compatible with all types of data enclosures. It should allow you to retain workflow efficiency, and ultimately, provide you with peace of mind about your business-critical data. To know more about our security modernization solutions, get in touch with us now.

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