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SNMP Temperature Sensor

SNMP Temperature Sensor

TMP01-NIST2 (fixed 1ft length non extendable)


Remote Monitoring with the AKCP Temperature Sensor. Ideal for Data Center Monitoring or anytime a temperature sensor is needed. Network-enabled SNMP temperature sensor with calibration check.

Designed to record accurate temperature sensor data it is ideal for giving advanced warnings of temperature fluctuations that can potentially damage sensitive equipment

The AKCP Temperature Sensor is compatible with the sensorProbe+ and securityProbe platforms.

  • Product Code: TMP01-NIST2 / NIST3
    Use Code TMP00-NIST2 / NIST3 for extendable length sensors.
  • NIST2 sensors with calibration check, NIST3 with calibration check and failover sensor
  • Powered by the base unit

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